A perfect storm of decay and destruction.

They are trying to convince me Americans voted for inflation, recession, war, CRT in our schools, gender fluidity, mutilating children, pedophilia, open borders, masking and vaxxing children, lockdowns, mandates, dead guys, and brain damaged commies. That is not what happened. They just used the exact same methods in the key races in the key states they used in 2020 to steal the elections. Why change if it works?

In the State of Florida, which implemented rational voting procedures and limited mail-in ballots, Ron DeSantis, who won in 2018 by 32,000 votes over a black, criminal, drug addict, deviant, won re-election by 1.5 million votes last week. After two years of torturing our children, encouraging murder, rape, robbery, and destroying our economy, the Democrats should have experienced massive losses in the mid-terms.

* * * *

The mail-in ballot scam used in 2020 due to the “Covid emergency” was kept in place, even though there is no emergency, because that is how Democrats can guarantee victory forever. . . .

* * * *

Those in control of this entire rigged system, including republicans like McConnell and Graham, don’t want anything to change, as they enrich themselves and their globalist benefactors no matter who is elected/selected. . . .

The globalists calling the shots want you demoralized, indebted, fearful, freezing, starving, and angry at each other, as they methodically implement their Great Reset agenda without fear of retribution or even comprehension of what their diabolical scheme entails. . . .

* * * *

The 2023 recession will trigger much higher unemployment and crashing stock, real estate, and bond markets. . . . This absurd woke agenda of glorifying deviancy and abnormality will fall by the wayside as people will be forced to worry about survival as opposed to this trivial nonsense.

At some point, life in America will become unbearably real, something that now it most clearly is not. Remember the candidate for the Supreme Court who could not define what a woman is? Right now we are still lapping up elite propaganda and we tolerate street-fighting leftist filth who make Hitler’s Brown Shirts look like Boy Scouts and prosecutors who live to flood our streets with violent criminals and persecute patriots.

But the iron laws of arithmetic, inflation, and fossil energy cannot be ignored forever and a hostile political class cannot forever lie (1) that we live under constitutional government and not an oligarchic plutocracy and (2) that they have even the most basic interests of the Nation or its people in mind. Points one and two are absurd distortions.

Film at 11.

Quinn: You Can’t Escape The Fourth Turning’s Winter Of Death.” By Jim Quinn, ZeroHedge, 11/16/22.


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    • Dusty on November 17, 2022 at 3:09 AM

    Excellent point.

    1. Thank you.

  1. I guess this could be the basis for a post on it’s own. But the credit for it must go to you, Colonel, for bringing this other piece to my attention so that what I’ve been thinking and sharing with others could coalesce.

    Consider the novel crossroad Americans see coming. We have been nervously watching a unique oligarchical, collectivist tyranny setting itself up so it can carry out the kind of atrocity that many more now see coming, far more than we few here have been warning of for decades.

    Why unique and why novel?

    Unique in that it has thoroughly mixed the two deadly Prog approved ideologies, fascism and communism, unleashing Leftist thugs while simultaneously growing transnational corporate monopolies and cartels. The Left pushes outrageous demands while all corporate bought office holders “compromise” with the Left on one hand (paying tribute) and on the other hand allowing the officers of the corporations to milk its earnings at the expense of common stockholders.

    Novel in that no Prog tyranny bent on subjugating free men ever had to face intended victims so widely armed.

    As Americans glimpse that crossroad, will they have the courage to fight? That is the question troubling both sides. But it is the Progs who have a worry unique to them being able to slam the trap shut.

    When the regime began persecuting the Oath Keepers seemingly more than other groups it revealed that concern. That group’s name reminds them that those in their armed forces who revere God more than them might not cooperate.

    So which group do you think has more cowards and which has more real men? Numbers matter. Small arms matter when you have numbers. How many can be kept on their side who can reliably man and maintain the drones and artillery and other means of war available to the state? They keep asking “Is it safe?” and are unsatisfied with all answers. Cowards.

    Can a small voice reach enough patriots to man up? No. But many small voices CAN.

  2. Pascal, I despair of being able to persuade people on a large scale. It’s hard enough trying to math out the political realities if you’re highly motivated and scour the internet. Hard times are the only way in which we will see a sea change in attitudes; in the present it’s clear that large number of citizens blindly accept pure hog swill in matters social, political, and economic. The hideous experience of Europeans, Chinese, and Cambodians, inter alia, in the last century might as well have occurred after the fall of Rome for most and the overwhelming majority of the population is ignorant of the horrors of the two world wars.

    I don’t completely condemn my fellow citizens for after all we all live under a thick blanket of propaganda and it takes extraordinary effort to escape from underneath it. The notion of our being a free and decent people has been marketed relentlessly while the political reality has morphed into the fascist/communist reality that is the essence of our lives. I frequently think how our present experience is like the time of the shogunate in Japan. Before the Meiji Restoration the emperor was a figurehead but real political power was wielded by the shogun, the supreme military leader. It will probably require an economic and energy sea change to effect a similar upheaval wherein there is, God willing, a restoration of our constitutional republic. More likely, however, I think we’ll see something sui generis. “Democracy” or our obsession with the universal franchise and utter disregard for disempowering people who are in essence foreigners in our midst has led us to a circumstance where we are surrounded by buffons, karens, and gibbering apes. And they vote!

    1. Just keep on doing what you’re doing. You helped at least me many a time. You reach ’em one at time, and you never know which one can reach others. Vast eternity lies ahead of us,

    • Col. B. Bunny on November 19, 2022 at 5:07 PM

    Thank you.  That’s good to know.  One never knows when a simple word or deed strikes a chord in others.  And, yes, keeping on is all one can do.  A local friend was quite the biker and lived a disordered life if that’s an accurate description.  Then one night he and his wife went to a concert and the band leader invited anyone to come down to the stage if he wanted to know Jesus.  The band leader had probably said that hundreds of times but for some reason it fired up my friend.  Who knew?

    The events of our time seem quite impervious to reason.  Transgenderism, adulation of homosexuality, pedophilia, lunatic spending and debt.  The experience of the last century with war and totalitarian government might as well have happened on the far side of the moon.

    But I like Matthew Arnold’s point that you may not be able to scale the wall of the fortress but at least let them find your body at the base of the wall.

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