“Freedom: I Won’t!”

     This will be an extremely trying day here at the Fortress, for doggie reasons: our Newf must go back under the knife yet again, this time to correct a dangerous abdominal hernia. So I doubt I’ll be posting anything much.

     Accordingly, I’d like to recommend that anyone who hasn’t yet read Eric Frank Russell’s classic novella “And Then There Were None” take the hour or so it requires to digest it fully. I first read this tale at a very early age, but even then, long before I began a deeper acquaintance with politics, propaganda, and the evil we call The State, it stirred me deeply. It remains one of my favorite fictional treatments of freedom. The message is simple:

“No” Is The Freest Word In Any Language.

     Treat yourself. Then unbox your telescopes and start searching the sky for that planetoid.


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    • Author Sandy Lender on December 5, 2022 at 7:45 AM

    All best wishes for the doggie to be well!

  1. Prayers for Dawgums.


    I love that novella: have ever since Claire W introduced it to me many years ago.

    Such simple concepts, yet so many convoluted arguments against them by $tate,,,

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