It Seems That MOST of the World’s Progressive Leaders Are in Trouble

Britain – not able to keep Prime Ministers in office, other than short duration.

France – Heavy competition from Nationalists, like Le Pen.

Italy – Meloni wins a surprise (to the Elite) election. Here policies havce widespread support from the voters.

Russia – Putin may be ill with cancer. At the very least, his control of his top staff is lacking – they are not afraid to spread details/rumors (hard to tell what is Truth and what is Pravda in Russia).

China – Xi had to publicly take out a rival. Challenges to his rule are escalating – lockdown rebellion, use of Apple apps to organize resistance (stopped by Apple, at China order).

USA – FJB is continuing to spread, even on Christmas paper. The *resident is widely seen as senile and weak, and that’s a problem, as our enemies may decide to act while they can.

BOTH available at the link above.

And, it’s nearly Christmas.

Many don’t feel inclined to let loose their festive side, given the poorly performing economy, the rising national debt, gas shortages, and a citizenry still nervous about spreading infections.


I think it time to kick my Christmas prep into high gear – cards, shopping, decorating, Christmas cookies, and prepare for the annual Celebration of the Birth of My King.

And, a party –

My family will enjoy gathering for that. I’ve sent out the invite, but may schedule it for 12/23. The Original Die Hard, popcorn, drinks, Christmas cookies, and, of course, C4.

After all, it’s tradition.

I saw this post in the Bablyon Bee. I had to link from Twitter, as my &^%$#$%^&^% Windows Security stuff blocked the site, then sent me to a malicious site.

And, if you want to remember that rare departure from Commercial Santa, over-the-top focus on purchasing crap, and irreligious drek, here it is.

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