Check Your Terms of Service Changes

I just got the notice from my bank about changes in the terms of service. I bolded a few of the most concerning.

Prohibited Payments
The following types of payments are prohibited through the Bill Pay Service, and we have the right but not the
obligation to monitor for, block, cancel and/or reverse such payments:

i. Payments to or from persons or entities located in prohibited territories (including any territory outside
of the United States); and
ii. Payments that violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation; and
iii. Payments related to: (1) tobacco products, (2) prescription drugs and devices; (3) narcotics, steroids,
controlled substances or other products that present a risk to consumer safety; (4) drug paraphernalia;
(5) ammunition, firearms, or firearm parts or related accessories; (6) weapons or knives regulated
under applicable law;
(7) goods or services that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to
engage in illegal activity; (8) goods or services that are sexually oriented; (9) goods or services that
promote hate, violence, racial intolerance, or the financial exploitation of a crime; (10) goods or
services that defame, abuse, harass or threaten others; (11) goods or services that include any
language or images that are bigoted, hateful, racially offensive, vulgar, obscene, indecent or
discourteous; (12)
goods or services that advertise, sell to, or solicit others; or (13) goods or services
that infringe or violate any copyright, trademark, right of publicity or privacy, or any other proprietary
right under the laws of any jurisdiction; and
iv. Payments related to gambling, gaming and/or any other activity with an entry fee and a prize,
including, but not limited to, casino games, sports betting, horse or dog racing, lottery tickets, other
ventures that facilitate gambling, games of skill (whether or not it is legally defined as a lottery) and
sweepstakes; and
v. Payments relating to transactions that (1) support pyramid or ponzi schemes, matrix programs, other
“get rich quick” schemes or multi-level marketing programs, (2) are associated with purchases of real
property, equities, annuities or lottery contracts, lay-away systems, off-shore banking or transactions
to finance or refinance debts funded by a credit card, (3) are for the sale of items before the seller has
control or possession of the item, (4) constitute money-laundering or terrorist financing, (5) are
associated with the following “money service business” activities: the sale of traveler’s checks or
money orders, currency dealers or exchanges (including digital currencies such as bitcoin), or check
cashing, or (6) provide credit repair or debt settlement services; and
vi. Tax payments and court ordered payments.
Except as required by applicable law, in no event shall we or our Bill Pay Service Providers be liable for any claims
or damages resulting from your scheduling of prohibited payments.

I don’t smoke; I quit many year ago. But, as it is a legal product, who the hell are those jackasses at the bank to tell me how I can spend my money?

Same with the guns/ammo issue. They need to mind their own business. That part about hate, harassment, racial offense, vulgarity, indecent or FREAKIN’ DISCOURTEOUS?

Insert your favorite vulgarities, particularly if they are indecent or discourteous.

I’m going to rest up, so I can get busy tomorrow giving that #*&^%$# bank a piece of my mind.


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    • differ on December 14, 2022 at 9:22 AM

    Which bank, and are you planning to move to another, letting them know why?

      • c on December 15, 2022 at 10:54 AM

      Yes please. We are currently looking for a bank in the area.
      Would help to know who NOT to use.

    • bowman on December 14, 2022 at 10:41 PM
    I may have seen a reference to the book on this site. It’s a little different take on a dystopian world but I enjoyed it. Violate the terms of service of the Food Company and you’ll be eating a lot of quinoa, kale, and tofu.  The bank is getting a head start. Try to purchase pack of cigarettes and your social cohesion score will drop so low you’ll be riding in the back of the bus if you’re lucky.

  1. Truist. It USED to be BB & T, which was a good bank.

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