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I hope you’ve been following the exposure of the corrupt entanglement between the Pre-Musk Twitter and the US Government. I’m putting the link HERE.

It won’t come as a surprise to most who read this blog. It’s been suspected for some time, although officially denied by both Twitter and their henchmen in government. The real ‘surprise’ is that the media is doing their best to ignore the release of long-hidden, long-denied evidence. They are managing to bury the story by:

  • Focusing on “more important stories” – denying that inflation is occurring, demonizing Trump and his followers, slavishly touting Biden and Harris for their “savvy” handling of their jobs, hyping the activities of celebrities and their movies, music, and “heartwarming” Holiday-Don’t-Say-Christmas-Lest-You-Lose-Your-Cushy-Job stories.
  • Studiously ignoring the rising evidence that:
    • Biden has no clue what he is doing, due to dementia
    • Ditto for Harris, due to incompetence
    • People are operating government in the background – but, DON’T say Deep State, because that would mark you as a Conspiracy Theorist. And, we ALL know conspiracies are a manufactured “distraction” of the Insurrectionists.
    • Not only is the Global Warming Cult a Phony Science, but – coincidentally – their goals rather suspiciously align with the eventual extermination of most of the population living in modern societies.
    • Covid and other allied pandemics are being used to impose Globalist restrictions on most of the non-Elite. TPTB and their allies are working feverishly to reduce the mass of the world’s peoples to serfs for the Elite.
  • Christianity is deliberately being stamped out, as it is currently known. A twisted Leftist version is replacing it. The actions of Vatican insiders are doing their best to force it to happen, and the tax laws and defamation laws are being used to keep other doctrines from acting outside of the permitted ‘Christian’ framework the Left has deemed permissible.

Hate to be so gloomy, but the situation is dire. The noose is tightening around any Dissidents, Lawfare and SWATting are whittling away at the rest who have managed to stay out of jail, and those who mildly resist on social media are being banned. I just picked up 30 days for posting this. Allegedly, it was:

  • Sexual content – hard to justify that, as the VP’s daughter was posing in a public appearance for a designer.
  • ‘Private’ content – well, if he’d wanted it kept private, he shouldn’t have left his laptop with the repair shop. Hunter Biden ignored repeated calls to pick it up, and reminders that it would be taken as compensation for the repair bill not being paid (common practice in the business). MULTIPLE media sites have posted that same picture, which, although displaying a juvenile attitude and with Hunter wearing underwear, is NOT sexual nor private.

Facebook is not unique in their protection of The Left. Twitter, before Musk took over, did the same.

FB’s Community Standards don’t apply to either picture.

And, yes, it was TOTES worth it.

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    • Dan on December 27, 2022 at 7:05 AM

    The left does what it does for a simple reason.  BECAUSE THEY CAN.  There is no legal mechanism remaining to hold them accountable.  They OWN the JustUs Department and the FBI, the Media, Academia, Big Tech and the vast majority of judges, especially at the Federal level.  They will NOT go away, quit or give up in their efforts to destroy America or anyone opposing them.  TINVOWOOT.  Want to do something to stop them?   Then saddle up, lock and load, sack up, step off the porch and START HUNTING.  Because nothing else will work.   There can be no coexistence with them. 

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