Ignorance Supports Propagandization

     Let’s lead off with a bit of history from one of the geniuses of Twentieth Century music:

     In the chronicles of human evil, Iosif Vissarionovich Dzugashvili holds a very high place. Yet seldom is this monster mentioned in our young people’s history textbooks. There’s practically no mention of his millions of victims in high schoolers’ “social studies” curricula. Indeed, many who are allowed to hear his name can’t recall it the next day, or tell you why he’s historically significant.

     You must keep the children’s heads empty if you seek to fill them with lies.

     Now that “our” “public” “schools” – apologies, Gentle Reader; I had to placate my “sneer quote” key at least once this year – have been completely suborned by the Left, young Americans are being fed all manner of falsehoods designed to get them to hate their country, its founders, and its core principles. That’s possible only because all knowledge of the history of socialist states and their horrors is carefully withheld from them. Mention of the extraordinary poverty and brutality of the last fully Communist state, North Korea, is kept from their eyes and ears. Ignorance of what has been makes it possible to propagandize them against what is.

     The campaign to turn the generations coming to power into socialist lunatics has proved phenomenally successful, as anyone familiar with the caperings of AntiFa and Black Bloc must allow. Nor are things materially different in Europe.

     Stalin and his inhuman savagery are the logical culmination of a system of government that exercises total control over every aspect of human life. Friedrich Hayek told us why this must be so. But who reads books these days? Only antiquated fossils like me. Our young folk are too busy checking their Facebook statuses and texting one another on their cellphones.

     Surveys have indicated that a strong majority of Americans under 34 years of age don’t know why the American colonies rebelled against England. Without that foundation, how could we expect them to understand the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of these United States? They become specimens of ignorance, vessels for socialist nonsense spoon-fed them by their “educators.”

     The following gem from 90 Miles From Tyranny says it all:

     Watch for it in the young people around you. Tell them – calmly, please – that they’ve been fed a torrent of the worst lies ever told and implore them to read some actual history. Beyond that, I don’t know what to do about it. But at least we’ll know the faces of our destroyers when they come for us.