It’s Hard…

     …to be as frequently and consistently wrong as the notorious Paul Ehrlich. Nevertheless, the mainstream media can’t seem to stay away from him:

     CBS’s “60 Minutes” welcomed the new year with a doomsday message from Paul Ehrlich, a well known eugenicist who has called for population control due to ‘limited resources’ on planet earth.

     Paul Ehrlich has been virtually wrong about everything over the last 6 decades.

     Have a few of his predictions:

     But merely being repeatedly and wildly wrong apparently hasn’t tarnished Ehrlich’s reputation as an “expert:”

     Ehrlich called for population control in the 60s in his book “The Population Bomb” because he believed widespread famines would kill off hundreds of millions of people.

     “The next few decades will be the end of the kind of civilization we’re used to,” Ehrlich said.

     Concerning Ehrlich’s population-control agenda, Nina Bookout writes:

     60 Minutes promotes a guy and others who want to save the planet by killing off the humans. The atrocious part of this is FAR too many in our governments around the world believe in this crap. They’ve adopted Soylent Green as a freaking how-to guide instead of the warning it was intended to be.

     The pattern is noteworthy, not because Ehrlich is unique, but because he isn’t.


     The media are no longer purveyors of information in the old sense. Today, their function is to disseminate the “party line” and to suppress dissident views. Contemporary “experts” apparently don’t have to be right, whether in the past or the present. They do need to be useful to those media barons…and to the interests that provide the prescribed agenda.

     The global warming / “climate change” canard is noteworthy in this connection. The warmistas claim to represent “climate science,” yet among their leading lights are no climatologists. They assure us of impending doom – in fact, they’ve been doing so for nearly thirty years – but not one of their predictions about the world’s climate has been realized. They point to their “models,” a variety of simulation about which I have a certain expertise, and demand that their claims be respected on that basis – but they generally refuse to discuss the mechanics of those models or the assumptions they embed. Finally, there’s the little matter of their dishonesty about their datasets, but that’s enough for one day.

     Yet they parade as experts. More, they demand that those who differ with them, including some highly accomplished and respected scientists, be denied access to the channels of information dissemination. They lobby for the dissidents’ papers to be suppressed. It’s all of a piece, for a claim of scientific knowledge is based not on “consensus” (or the volume of one’s shouting) but on a record of successful predictions…and they don’t have one. That leaves them only one way to dominate the discussion: the silencing of those on the other side.

     A manufactured lack of opposition is the key that opens the way to “expert” status for him whose actual predictive accomplishments are nil. That’s why Americans must unlearn their trust in the mainstream media. That is, what remains of it. Many have already distanced themselves from all the fear porn. More will follow. Perhaps when the media barons realize that their “experts” are preaching to an absent audience in an empty hall, they might recalibrate their criteria for awarding “expertise.” However, by then it could prove too late to undo the damage they’ve done.

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    • Dan on January 4, 2023 at 9:28 PM

    Erkig is nothing if not consistent.  Consistently wrong but consistent.

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