Home Again

I’ve been at our SC house after my trip for a little over 12 hours – most of it asleep, or at least dozing. I’m finally not hovering on the verge of collapse. My joints have subsided to just slightly achey. And I’m enjoying catching up on reading.

One of the things I’ve read deals with a subject I’ve had copious experience with. What amenities do we really need in our homes?

Every home purchase is a compromise between what we’d LIKE to have, and what we can afford. Most of our homes have been older, so needed to have updates – electrical, HVAC, roof, replacement windows, foundational (one time – that was enough). We’ve not attempted major jobs, like gutting a kitchen or bath.

My husband always wants more storage space. I respond by telling him to weed out junk.

We’ve both accepted that at least a bath and a half is on the ‘must have’ list. My list includes minimal stairs. His does not, as he has no major joint issues. His list does not include much yard space. I wistfully remember my grandmother’s garden, and the heavenly smell of it. We compromise on size. I focus on perennials, as that minimizes the bending and kneeling.

My sister is agonizing over her list, which also includes a one floor structure. She is less flexible than I, do is having a hard time getting her list fulfilled on budget.

As far as my trip, the conference went well. I managed to stay awake during meetings, and my presentation was well received. It was worth the inconvenience. And the dog managed to handle the stay in boarding without excess trauma.