National Security, Or Job Security?

     If I remember correctly, Eric Adams got the Democrat Party nod for the mayoralty of New York City because he was once a cop. However, there are quite a lot of former NYC cops: more today than ever before, in fact. I have no idea what makes Adams special…unless it’s that he’s black. At any rate, he won the mayoralty on the strength of his having been a cop, among other things.

     But he has the Democrat problem of rampant insincerity:

     Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams pushed Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul to relocate Hispanic migrants to the Upstate New York area on Sunday.

     After months of struggling with the influx of illegal migrants sent from Texas to NYC, Adams advocated for Hochul to move the migrants to the Upstate area.

     “Some of our cities are suffering. They’re losing populations,” Adams stated while addressing the border from El Paso, Texas, the New York Post reported.

     “But if this is done, is done effectively, and the dollars come in to support those who are helping migrants and asylum seekers to incentivize this help, we believe we can … help those cities that are struggling and at the same time, give people a good start in this country,” he continued, the outlet noted.

     Wait just a moleskin-gloved minute there, Colonel: Wasn’t it you who proudly declared the Big Apple “a sanctuary city?” The rest of the state hasn’t done so. If any other city in the Empire State has done so, I’m unaware of it. I’d be rather surprised; the other urban zones in New York have enough problems of their own.

     If Governor Hochul is about to compound the felonies of her administration by declaring the whole of New York to be “a sanctuary state,” a lot of New Yorkers are going to be more than a little peeved. Especially as dramatically heightened crime rates follow illegal aliens like a shadow. But Adams made his plea in awareness that it was NYC votes that made Hochul the governor. He’ll press that point if he must, for the city’s social support services are bowing under the load those illegals have put upon it.

     At this point it’s unclear which way Hochul will move. I wouldn’t be surprised if she were to try to bribe Rochester or Syracuse into accepting some of Adams’s illegals. But wait…What’s that Mr. Mayor? They’re not your illegals? They were sent to NYC by someone else? What does that matter? You spread your arms toward these migrants. It’s a bit late to say you didn’t really mean it.

     New York City dwellers probably hoped Adams would provide a respite from the lunacies of the eight De Blasio years. From here it looks as if those hopes will be disappointed. But anything’s better than a Republican mayor, right folks?

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    • Steve on January 18, 2023 at 8:23 AM

    Shortly after Adams was elected, I heard an interview with Curtis Sliwa discussing this and in that interview he flatly stated that both Adams and Bragg were brought up at Sharpton’s national action network. He went on to say that neither of them will do anything about crime, but that Adams “talks a good game” and loves seeing himself on TV in his custom-made 3k suits. In the end he knows that his people – the black community – will be there to remind him every step of the way that their people are off limits.

    As for busing the garbage pouring across what was our border to upstate? A friend of mine moved to the finger lakes region around two years ago and while speaking with him over Christmas, he told me that they have been showing up in droves. He went on to add that the place he goes to for coffee in the morning is like a slum now, around twenty of them hang out there – with more arriving weekly – and they harass everyone. Another thing he noticed about a number of them is that they have what he called a “military bearing.” He told me that these guys look like they’re in really great shape, that they carry themselves like soldiers (he told me they walk and carry themselves like I do and I was in the army back in the late 80’s.) and that he never sees them carrying alcohol. What ever this portends, I don’t know but it isn’t good and those facilitating this need to be tried for crimes against the American people and their punishment should be public.

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