A Giant Mound Of Infant Corpses

     I know of no way to verify this, but I tend to trust the source:

     [T]hough all such numbers are a bit uncertain, roughly 55 million people die, globally, every year. And numerous public health organizations intensely scrutinize the slightest increase or decrease in mortality, in a laudable effort to identify what factors may be harming or helping the health of diverse peoples around the world.

     That number does not include the number of babies killed by elective abortions, however, which at one time would have been thought a rare, emergency measure. The Guttmacher Institute, an advocate for abortion, estimates that there are roughly 56 million abortions around the world every year. So allowing for the statistical uncertainties, we can say in broad terms that as many innocents are slaughtered every year in the womb as there are deaths from all other causes in the entire world.

     That’s the kind of mayhem you associate with murderous ideologies like Nazism and Communism, not “reproductive health.”


     Yes, the previous one is the shortest paragraph I’ve ever penned. As I’m a wordy bastard, it’s likely to hold that record for the rest of my life. But it should give pause to anyone who’s ever entertained the outré notion that human life is more than an accident of chemistry.

     Readers have occasionally asked me why I keep harping on the Death Cults. Typically, the asker will disbelieve in the thesis. It’s almost understandable; after all, how many of us have actually met someone who unabashedly supports the extinction of Mankind? It’s not the sort of position that wins plaudits at cocktail parties…unless you manage to fan-dance the atrocity of abortion as a “safe medical procedure.”

     As I wrote that last, an even more horrifying possibility came to mind. In this vast and variegated world, it is virtually certain that there are:

  • Persons who are unfazed by that annual total of abortions; and:
  • Persons who think it should be higher still.

     But that doesn’t surprise me. How could it? I frequently write about such persons. I’ve even known a couple, personally.

     If there’s a moral component to the human organism, I can’t imagine how it could be “present and voting” in such a man. But they exist, and at this time they’ve got the social and political upper hand. You want evidence? Almost unanimously:

  • They support Black Lives Matter.
  • They refuse to admit that AntiFa is real.
  • They oppose the right to keep and bear arms.
  • They’re for “green energy” and against fossil fuels.
  • They’re against the death penalty regardless of the crime.
  • They call people who homeschool their children “antisocial.”
  • They demand that you get “the Jab” regardless of the averse evidence.
  • And needless to say, they ridicule religious belief, especially Christianity.

They’re Death Cult Adjacent.

     Which certainly serves to explain why they dislike the term “death cults,” to say nothing of the concept.

     Perhaps we in the Right should start making this a prominent motif in public discourse. If we lean on it hard enough, we might manage to save a few: infants and souls. Possibly a great but beleaguered nation, as well. The game is certainly worth the candle.