Bad Apple

I’d never heard about most of this. I have owned some Apple products:

  • My iPhone – this is, for now, non-negotiable. Hearing aids are difficult to get to work with many brands of cellphone. Only Apple has seamless integration of just about EVERY hearing aid on the market. I depend on using the Bluetooth features, and so, reluctantly, keep using Apple phones.
  • iPad – I’ve owned several. At present, I use it mostly for travel, due to the light weight. It’s replaced my Kindle device. And, for remote work in the field, it allows use of the iPhone’s connection to the internet with few problems. I MIGHT look into replacing it when it gets old; if I did, I’d probably look into a Fire device (I tried the MS Surface – not robust enough).
  • Mac – this was the easiest one to give up. I have an old one that needs some work – the trackpad doesn’t work. I turned it over to my son-in-law, who probably can get it working. I won’t replace it when it dies, I’ll just let him have it for parts.

Given the apparently credible accusations made in this article, I’d recommend against Apple products. If a cellphone provider would take users of hearing aids seriously, and provide full integration with their phones, I would, of course, switch the next time the phone needs replacement. Otherwise, I’m pretty much stuck with them.

Other reasons to switch from Apple?

  • Crappy customer service – I made an appointment for a Mac a few years ago at the “Genius Bar”. Due to unfamiliarity with the mall, I was slightly late for the appointment. I was informed that my appointment had been cancelled, and I would have to make another trip to the store (one that was 45 minutes away). I had a hissy fit. After a little discussion with the manager, he agreed to take me 1/2 hour later (a perfectly acceptable solution). I did express my irritation at the superior, snooty attitude of the semi-geniuses to him, though.
  • Price – Apple products – ALL of them, both the core machine, and the extensions/upgrades, are WAY overpriced. Even the refurbished ones are too pricey.
  • Ease of repair. I understand Apple wanting to have control over what components are used in their products (it’s that limitation that makes them work so seamlessly). But not permitting non-Apple/certified Apple repairs is silly. There is really no reason for knowledgeable users not to be able to upgrade memory, replace a failing part, or switch out a keyboard – these are simple repairs. Only the App-Sheep put up with that without complaint.

I’m writing this on a Samsung computer. It replaced the previous Dell that died a sorry death (I used to like Dell – no more. The quality has gone done since I bought my last one. I require a laptop that can handle a lot of use and is lightweight). It’s both lightweight and fully functional, and so far has been up to the challenge of handling daily use.

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    • Abbe Faria on January 30, 2023 at 2:37 PM

    Reading the linked article, it didn’t take long for my bullsqueeze meter to peg into the red. The author lives in Shanghai. The CCP is probably furious that Apple has begun relocating big chunks of their manufacturing away from mainlaind China, into India, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. I wonder how much they paid the white man with the Russian-sounding name to write such a long, mendacious hit piece?
    Apple’s Genius Bar is not perfect – but it’s better than most, and ALWAYS has a wait list. If you showed up late – it’s your fault, not theirs. I’ve used Apple’s tech support dozens of times, and yes a few of them have a lame attitude. But most are very pleasant and helpful. I work with many vendors in related fields. Apple’s warranty service and customer support are always at the top, in my experience. 
    Yes their prices are high. And their software and hardware is the best in the business. Works far better, lasts far longer. It’s call TCO, and value. Apple delivers both.
    Agree that ease of repair is low. Indeed, we shade tree mechanics are very put out by this. But Apple has decided that the computer is on its way to being an appliance, and so they design and build them to reflect that. When’s the last time you complained you couldn’t fix your own TV?
    Keep the PeeCee virus-hives if you like, but my Mac M2 laptop gets triple the battery life yours does, was built to be malware-resistant, and will still be running fine ten years from now.
    P.S. Hope your big move goes very well, and you can keep your energy levels up to where you feel good all through it. Get your rest, now!

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