An Twist on an Old Slogan

The early Sixties Feminists used to use a phrase (I believe it was borrowed from Maoists), “The personal is political”.

By that phrase, they meant that women could best be reached by ingraining in their message that ALL personal interactions were inherently political. A man didn’t just fail to clean up after because he was worried about his job and forget; no, there had to be a deliberate action on his part to establish his Male Dominance.

The reinforcement of that teaching is why women are always asking What You Really MEANT by your actions.

Well, I have a new phrase – The PERSONNEL is Political.

American Greatness has an essay about education, and how the real problem is not the Curriculum, but the PEOPLE/PERSONNEL that are teaching the curriculum.

I think they’ve got something there.

There is a reason that HR departments – dominated by women – are so big. It has become an exercise in Empire Building – that process by which the head of a department tries to wriggle into every decision that is made in the company. All aspects of employee management – Hiring, Firing, Disciplinary, Evaluation, and Training – have HR as the final decision-maker.

Now, THAT’S power!

HR can force departments to take divisive and often incompetent people, and keep them, even though they hamper the core function of the department. Sometimes, the only way to get rid of their poisonous presence is to “kick them upstairs” – promote them out of your way.

So, in schools, the trouble with the Agenda is not the curriculum as much as they people twisting it into a Woke Mess.

Ironically, social media has helped get rid of some of the worst of the Woke. They just can’t resist displaying their SJW cred on TikTok, Instagram, and other performative social media. When parents are alerted to that recorded stupidity, that person is often fired, or at least toned down and made ineffective.

Hence, the push to shut down – even arrest – parents and other questioning citizens. That creates ‘bad optics’ (what used to be called Stupid Actions’ on the part of school boards.

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  1. “The Personnel Is Political” == “People Are Policy.”

    It’s a nice fit!

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