A Less Pessimistic View of the East Palestine Spill

I read this, and the guy seems to have a more balanced view of the level of pollution/contamination that the derailment may have caused. I’d not be surprised if residents had some irritation to their breathing system – even fairly mild acids can cause a nasty burning pain in skin tissue. But, that’s not saying that there will be permanent damage, or cancers. A short blast of a chemical is less likely to cause long term harm than the day-to-day absorption of chemicals over a long period of time.

No credit to Buttigieg, the clown who is F*****g up the DOT, both through his incompetence, and his laziness. News flash, Petey – when you’re in charge, and there is a major crisis, no one gives a rip whether you’re ‘bonding’ with your kid, or missing a REALLY important vacay. You need to drop everything, and deal with the emergency.

He’s clearly in over his head. As a mayor in South Bend, Petey’s biggest accomplishment was installation of decorative paving stones. I’m not kidding, that was it.

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    • Dan on February 24, 2023 at 11:44 PM

    It’s likely to take decades to learn the true scope of the damage from this incident.  That is if the criminals in power even make the effort to follow through and track the numbers of people with sequelae from this. 
    And if they do how long will such results stay buried.

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