Small Update on East Palestine

This disaster is close to my heart. I’ve traveled those roads often, going from OH to SC, OH to PA, and OH to WV. It’s not just East Palestine that is affected, but also those communities nearby, whose own property values have taken a hit. The fear of health damage will be many years long.

The poor response to this is going to hurt the Democrats in 2024, I think. It should – actions, or, in this case, LACK of action, should have a cost.

The thing is, people aren’t dumb. They are capable of looking at attempts to ‘snow’ them, rejecting it, and acting in their own best interest. That so many have not done so yet is related to the fact that there have been more important things going on in their lives. Each Leftist act to screw up their lives was not resisted, as they were individually not worth the time.

However, cumulatively, the damage, and the cost, has mounted. The situation is not looking good for even the most charismatic candidates – and, those are the kind of candidates that the Dems are seriously short of.

I do hope that the citizens of East Palestine are not lost in the process.