For Those Needing Proof That Climate Hysteria Is A Religion

This is a newsworthy item for infamous reasons.

Faculty of Theology to confer eight honorary doctorates on 9 June 2023
Greta Thunberg, activist

I’ve long maintained that climate hysteria is a religion. Once recognized as such, that fact could have been used to prevent the followers of that faith from eliminating all who disagree with them from every department in the United States government.

Sadly, no legal team has attempted to save a single professional from being pushed out of their government position, or out of any educational system funded by federal tax dollars. There must be a reason that it’s never been attempted since countless suits that are far more harebrained turn up in the news regularly. Could it surprise anyone were it revealed that the first institution the Progs seized control of was the legal profession?

It is not easy to keep track of the fall of our institutions to Conquest’s Second Law of Politics to the “Progressive” Movement. However, in recent years it seems the takeover of science by climate hysterics has moved at a pace that was faster than all other assaults by the Progs.

It should never have come to this. Americans need to seriously consider repenting their laxity in keeping the political class from rising to ruling class status, seemingly unanswerable to their votes. You regulars here know where this “sustainability” push is leading even if its lethality is hard for you to imagine.

It is never too late to regret our foolishness and seek to do better. Simply pray that it is not too late for America.

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  1. On a personal level, it’s never too late.On a national level, there’s a lot of convincing to do.

    1. Thanks. Corrected the missing words.

    • Dan on March 25, 2023 at 9:44 PM

    Yes…  the climate change scam is a religion.  And like those who subscribe to most religions the climate change scamologists are willing to KILL people who won’t embrace their religion.  No single entity in history has caused more violent death than religion.  Be it the Grand Inquisition of the Catholic church, the terrorism of Islam or now the enforced taxation and deprivation of Climatology.  

    1. No single entity in history has caused more violent death than religion.

      That is only true if you include collectivism — men asserting that others not conforming to their ism must die — as religions.

      It is true that they are in the sense of the wider definition of religion I’ve employed in my series that I linked in this current post.

      However, what you’re suggesting appears to ignore the unprecedented deaths of the last century which by themselves outstipped all that was committed before.

      As it happens, that was exactly what Niestche warned about would be the danger from the “God is dead” proponents. He foresaw that there was no limits to their monstrosity. And technological advances have grossly increased the extent capable of today’s megalomaniacs. We heard them openly boast of their goals at the WEF.

      I don’t suppose there any way I can convince you that religious zeal to obliterate more than 90% of human life is merely a smoke screen for the misanthropy of a few over-wealthy, self-assessed super-elites. And that is because I know you have come to believe a good deal of what they’re peddling — that the world is indeed overpopulated.

      Yes, I know: you don’t feel comfortable with the notion. You wish there was a fair way to go about it. Maybe if you read more about what changed Malthus mind, about why he repented of his earlier thesis. His repented spirit, if you will, turns in his grave about how far gone the world has gone to apply Neo-Malthusianism.

      Malthus came to understand what Fran and I now do. The unlimited capablility of the human mind to find ways to overcome scarcity without resorting to wide scale death-dealing. The next advances await the next super intellects to survive the current drive for abortion and infertility.

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