Deprogramming: The First Step

     Dio of the Workshop reminds us what it must be:

     Saw a few commercials recently, and
     thats all it is these days. boy kids celebrating by dancing down school hallways while sporting a skirt… NOT A KILT- a damnable skirt,,, If he had been wearing a kilt with a set of Doc Martens, moshing with Dropkick Murphy’s in the soundtrack,, I may have been a bit less disturbed,,,,
     and its not just the Toob. Catch a lot of commercials on the Pandora Free version, and the cultural dialect is PROMINENT,,, The only commercials that are represented by someone of a white culture are the Vacation Home ads,,, you know, HIGH DOLLAR stuff that you won’t likely won’t see rented out to the Ghetto-fabulous types.
     And I never hear National ads with an Appalachian twang. Local ads, yes, national, oh hell no,,,
     Or that 9 out of 10 times you see a white male in an ad, he is either portrayed as the Idiot, the submissive to his Wife, or total servile type with no dialogue, or some combination thereof. And the number of mixed racial couples,,, Never a white man/black woman either,,,
     Or the ‘dude’ could light your cigarette from 20′, he is so over the top flamingly queer,,,
     I ditched the toob in 2008 when my Ex and I split ways,,, DO NOT MISS IT!!!

     All right, so he and I differ on a few matters of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. That’s probably the case with nearly everyone these days, as I’m such a reactionary about the English language. But the meat of his plaint is dead on target. The C.S.O. and I “cut the cord” more than two years ago. We’ve missed the sporting events we once enjoyed, but nothing else. Our video consumption these days is almost entirely British murder mysteries and police procedurals from Acorn and BritBox – and while they’ve gone about as far to the Left as American television, they have an advantage for us: we can say “That doesn’t bother us! It’s all the way over there!

     The major media, whether in print, electromagnetic radiation, or pixels, are pure poison to anyone of an American-traditional bent. Insulating oneself from it is essential to the preservation of a benign, positive outlook. The more of us do so, the less effect the purveyors of contemporary garbage will have overall.

     It’s at the personal level – one’s own joie de vivre and one’s relations with family, friends, and colleagues — that the deprogramming matters most. Imagine the following conversation, perhaps at the watercooler or over the back fence:

Neighbor: Did you see the latest episode of XXX last night?
FWP: Nope. We cut the cord a long time ago.

NBR: What? But what do you do in the evenings now?
FWP: (smiles) Oh, we have ways. We read. We converse. We play with the dogs and cats. Maybe a little cribbage.
NBR: With the dogs and cats?
FWP: Well, they can’t hold enough cards for bridge, hearts, or canasta.

NBR: So you don’t watch TV at all?
FWP: Oh, not quite. Sometimes we fire up the Box and play a movie from DVD, or stream a British program or two. The American stuff is just too propagandistic for us.

NBR: What do you mean?
FWP: Haven’t you noticed? Pick a typical prime-time drama. I can practically guarantee that there’ll be a homosexual couple, an interracial couple, and the tech experts will be black, women, or both. Throw in a couple of unrealistically physical women for the action parts. The sitcoms always feature a smart, capable woman. If there’s a husband around, he’s a doofus. The villains and doofuses will always be white men. How does that line up with your image of reality?

     It can go a lot of directions from there, but the basic idea is straightforward: Open others’ minds to the possibility that they’re being programmed. Most average-or-better people will complete the journey by themselves.

     There aren’t many completely solo strokes we can deliver against the malevolent tide, but this is one of them. Give it some thought.


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    • Bear Claw Chris Lapp on March 29, 2023 at 10:04 AM

    When I can I preach similar to my kids. IMO it is making its way around the globe slowly but surely thanks to People like yourself Fran. You and many others provide an excellent service and you see your own stats so you know how well you’re doing. Take that to heart and Thank You

    • gl on March 29, 2023 at 12:08 PM

    A show I had on finished while I was in the kitchen. It rolled to next one and when I looked it had a black man in charge and a man who was a woman. I turned it off.

    • pc-not on March 29, 2023 at 12:08 PM

    Your description of the commercials and adds on network TV is spot on.  My wife and I play a little game of noting how unrealistic the characters depicted in their spots are all white.  Zero.  Not only do they over-represent minorities and LBGTQ’s but by exponential factors.  Recently, the shots of openly homosexual kissing and hugging has gotten beyond the point of disgusting.

    Like you, we enjoy Acorn, especially the mysteries and love the well-done depictions of 18th and 19th century historical dramas.

    1. How do I know this is ‘a thing’?

      My Not-Conservative husband has noticed it. In fact, he was the one that first brought it up to me (To be fair, he watches a LOT more TV than I).

    • Tracy C Coyle on March 29, 2023 at 1:17 PM

    I stopped cable almost 6 years ago after 2 years of non-use and sold the tv last year (after 4 years of non-use).  If I want to watch a movie, I do so on my high def monitor.  I gave up on radio a decade ago.  I parse my info sources online and can get a full dose of information without a lot of the crap that fills in the huge cracks created by media in culture.

    • Ragin' Dave on March 29, 2023 at 10:12 PM

    I grew up without a TV.  I had cable when I was stationed overseas, and dropped it halfway through my tour because it was garbage.  We haven’t had a TV since 2007, and I don’t miss it one bit.  The commercials are just as you and Dio describe.  The wife likes to watch some shows online, but I like to point out the garbage in them when she’s watching near me, and that lessens the amount of her TV I’m exposed to.

    • skybill on March 30, 2023 at 3:30 AM

    Hi F.W.,

    Funny thing you should mention that???  ‘Wonder if you are old enough to remember early 1950’s, B&W(before color) 19inch screens.. 21inch if your parents had a few more scheckls, 30 minute sit-coms and general CBS, ABC, NBC television???  Where’s the Strong Father figure??  Remember “The Life of Riley??”  Chester A Riley  played by Wm. Bendix..  quite frankly a great actor but in this role… forget it!!  There were others too…..

    But  have to say there were a few goodies…  Kirby Grant as “Sky King”  in his old WWII Cessna T-50 “Bob Cat” out of the blue of the Western Sky!!  with his Niece “Penny”  Gloria Whiters…  They with the help of the Sherriff would coral the bad guys and bring them to justice!…  Oh Yes!!, both Sky and Penny were Commercial, Night and multi-engine retract Rated Pilots….  quite a feat back then as well as today!!! ..  I can go on.. but more…

    Then those Western’s…  a lot done in the 30’s but prevailed.. William Boyd “Hopalong Cassidy,” Gene Autrey and Roy Rogers!!!   along with “Side kicks” with sometimes odd names  but still great!!!  George “Gabby’ Hayes, for starter’s  and Pat Butrum with Gene Autrey at his “Melody Ranch” Radio show… before “TV!!!”  And Marshal Matt Dillon .. remember “Gun Smoke” on “RADIO???” and his buddy  “Chester????”  and later “Festus!!”   I can go on!!

    I am gettin’ along in my years but I remember when “MEN WERE MEN AND WOMEN WERE PROUD OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  “GOT THAT??”

    There are a few of us left!!!!

    Got Gunz……….OUTLAW!!!!!,



    PS  I’ll Be Back!!!

    • skybill on March 30, 2023 at 4:19 AM

    Hi F.W.,

    “I’m Back!!!”

    In my last post I mentioned Matt Dillon’s “side kick” “Festus….”  Yup… from Western’s to “Sky High Action Hero!!’   He, Ken Curtis!!  played “Jim Buckley” next to Larry Pennell “Ted McKeever” on that old early 60’s Ivan Tors TV show….  “RIPCORD!!!!!!!!!”

    There were other “Elements” that entered the picture but “Ripcord” definitely was one of the reasons why I am an Aviator and Skydiver!!!!!   Yes, you can watch the “Re-run’s” on you-tube….they are still there!!

    I mention a lot of “MEN” in my post… but!!!, one must remember the LADIES!!!  For all the MEN with BRASS BALLS!!!.. there are corresponding WOMEN with STAINLESS STEEL OVARIES!!!!!!  However, that is another Book I have to write!!!!

    Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch… my Whiskey Glass is gettin’ a bit sparse an I need to do a Mid-Air Refuel so I’ll sign off for now …….



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