Death Cult Chronicles: The Cleverness Front

     In a recent exchange of views with a cleverer-than-usual pro-abortion person, I posited that abortion is morally wrong because a human embryo is human. It contains human DNA distinct from that of its mother and, if not interfered with, in the normal course of events will become so recognizably human that no one would dare to say otherwise. To which my interlocutor replied thus:

     Is an egg a chicken?

     Clearly, this person is a cut above the usual pro-abortion death cultist. Therefore it’s important that pro-lifers know how to cope with such a thrust. Here’s the response I offered him:

     Not only is your question poorly formed; it evades the fundamental issue. We eat chicken, do we not? Unless you’re a vegan or some other sort averse to meat. Even so, the average egg consumer would never eat a chicken embryo, were one to get past the candlers. His natural revulsion would prevent him from doing so, despite his lack of moral qualms about eating chicken.

     Do we eat human beings? Of course not; human beings have a right to life. Well, do we eat dead human beings? I won’t speak for you, Bubba, but I don’t. The recognition that the corpse was once a living human is enough to repel me irresistibly.

     So, my clever friend: would you eat a newborn baby? How about if the baby were harvested just before he exits the birth canal? If not, why not? Now let’s back up the question by easy stages: How about a month before his birth? Two months? Three? Four? How about before he begins to display a human shape? Would you feel you have the right to eat that creature at any point before his emergence from the womb?

     Take your time over it. I have plenty.

     I have yet to see his reply.


  1. ONE way to get rid of trolls – pose a question they cannot/will not answer.

    • George Mckay on April 16, 2023 at 7:11 AM

    I am so disgusted with the pro-abortion/murder cabal.  Their justifications are tripe.  Their morals are at question in my opinion.  Fornicating with any tart you want to and the tart’s willingness to do same are the main reason for abortions.


    Now of course there are the rare rape/incest pregnancies to be sure but, due to some abherrant action by miscreants and degenerates and not the fault of the growing baby.  My God breathed life into that egg and ONLY my God can take it away.  Nobody has the right to do that no matter how you try to couch it.


    We need more moral leaders and pols in our system and they are in short supply.  The excreble left and their “do anything I damn well want and to hell with the consequences” attitude and the milquetoast response of those who should know better are not only appalling but, endanger mankind in it’s entirety.


    I don’t have a lot of hope for mankind as a whole.  Nope, not much at all.  I approach the end of my life and weep for what we have handed our grandchildren.  We all should.


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