Busy, Busy

A lot has been going on:

  • My brother is much better. Today, I checked him out on driving, and he did fine. That should reduce the number of trips I make to the West Side of Cleveland (about 40 minute trip to his house). More importantly, that will give him some freedom and mobility.
  • After mid-May, we should only own ONE house (and have a nice pile of cash). That should make it much easier to manage the Lorain house and grounds.
  • We will be using some of the money to pay for some long planned improvements to the new house – greenhouse, a railing on the front porch, a chair lift for the basement, painting the siding and garage, fixing up a retaining wall. Lots of little things. And we should still have some money left over for trips for FUN!

But, all of that entails some work and running around – as, for instance, today’s trip to a home improvement store for a new freezer – this time an upright freezer. I had to hold firm. My husband wanted another chest freezer. The concept that I wasn’t able to reach most of the contents inside it was not penetrating his skull. It was more efficient, therefore better. That I was generally the one that needed to reach things was unimportant. However, today, I will have my input.

I’m WAY behind on gardening. Recent snows and torrential freezing rains make that seem like an inspired notion, but, no. I was just lazy. I’m amazed that some of the flowers that I planted the first year survived the extreme weather. I made some plans for kickstarting the garden,

My day? I got up early, ate and took meds, dressed, walked and fed the dog, then headed over to my brother’s. He tried driving for the first time in 2 months. He was fine. We went shopping, then I headed for home.

At home, I ate lunch, took care of some paperwork, then went with my husband to return the trailer to U-Haul. After that, chiropractor (him), lunch, then appliance shopping. I wasn’t able to make a decision, so we got some information, and headed home.

Honestly, not all that much, but I’m wiped out. It’ll be an early night again.

Indecision or waffling on making a decision is MORE tiring than just getting the job done. Unfortunately, due to a family illness, I’m finding it difficult to handle any decision-making at present. I’m hoping that my relative gets her medical team to get off the dime and decide to either operate, or take other action. The problem is potentially life-threatening, and really can’t wait until they get around to it.