No Pretense

     The “media megaphone” (William E. Simon) will no longer tolerate sharply dissenting voices:

     Now, for a Gentle Reader of Liberty’s Torch, this is “yesterday’s news” – literally. But Beck makes a connection that’s likely to have evaded even some of our most vigilant: the major automakers’ rumbling about no longer building AM radios into their offerings.

     AM “talk radio,” for those readers whose memory is incomplete, was where the Right found a home. Rush Limbaugh may have gone to his reward, but his legacy remains…for the present. But “talk radio” is at its most active during those time periods when working people are – guess where? — in their cars. Get the picture?

     They’re not even trying to hide their agenda. The Right shall be permitted a sharply delimited range of expression and nothing beyond it. A “tamed Right” preserves the fiction that free expression is still honored. But once the Official Line has been decreed, any commentator who puts a foot across it will be purged.

     I’m fairly sure Tucker Carlson will find a perch somewhere, probably on a streaming service. He’s only the most popular video commentator now practicing. In the video above, Glenn Beck throws his hat into the ring. If he should succeed in winning Carlson for Blaze TV, that service will experience a surge of subscribership that’s likely to bust the Internet. Whether that would trigger a fury of attempts to “cancel” The Blaze, or wherever else Carlson might emerge, we must wait and see.


    • George Mckay on April 25, 2023 at 5:51 AM

    When I heard this I was gobsmacked.  Never saw it coming.  Fox has screwed the pooch and will fade into obscurity.  Hannity and Ingram are next along with Levin.  Lachan Murdoch needs a serious attitude adjustment and when his “toy” goes bankrupt perhaps daddy will smack his ass and come to his senses?  Nah, the left just cannot help themselves.

    Why do we even try?  We try because we love our country and want it to succeed and thrive.  Civil discourse and truth telling are vital for that to occur.  Carlson, for all his faults brought the truth to the masses and we are all the better for it.  OTOH we have lost a bastion of hope for all that freedom craves.  Truth and strength are required for a free society to survive.  Sadly, the best of the truth tellers is now silent.

    I hope Beck can snag him.  I would pay the fee for that and dump Fox entirely.  They are dead to me.

    • Dan on April 25, 2023 at 6:11 AM

    Yes….they are targeting AM radio.  Silencing the Right who have found a home their is a major agenda of those in power.   And now that they have removed Tucker Carlson from the main stream media….the last big thorn under their blanket…they own everybody who speaks publicly in the main stream media outlets.
    Next up…..the free speech platforms on the Internet.   The blogosphere as a whole is almost certainly about to be throttled into silence.  The left with all their accomplices fully intend to GUT the First Amendment… then the Second.  And after that the rest of them will be meaningless.

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