Death By a Thousand Cuts

Americans are not, generally, petty people. Other than a few sub-groups (clannish Hill Folk, gang members – at least the most vicious ones, and ex-spouses with a grudge), we tend to attribute disputes to differences in viewpoint, and are ready to shake hands when the dispute is resolved.

There are even those that have forgiven the cold-blooded murder of a family member. Those are often those crediting the Christian creed of “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive others”.

That is NOT the type of Christian I am. I might not attend their execution, or work relentlessly to keep them from getting parole. But I would take a grim satisfaction in seeing the cold-eyed killer sentenced for that crime.

We’re that way even in highly contentious endeavors such as politics. Live and let live.

That’s how the Left is killing us. They are counting on us NOT to pursue grievances to final resolution. They are anticipating that we will accept their half-assed apologies, depend on their ‘having learned their lesson’, and be gobsmacked once again, when it’s clear that, far from mending their ways, the Left has returned to the Same Old, Same Old.

What brought this to mind was a long post on Ace of Spades, that listed one after another abuses, crimes, and underhand dealing by the Left and Their Allies, that, together, amounted to the famed Death By a Thousand Cuts. See here what that practice – known as Lingchi – was.

That we suffer IS the point. That such suffering causes such a terror of further torture – in our own self, our families, and anyone who might also be inclined to provide resistance – is the point of it.

So, then, the frankly ridiculous demands for PUBLIC retribution, the constant chipping away at those who stick their necks out, and other ‘small ways to torture’. Individually, each assault on our freedom to dissent seems like the bite of a gnat.

Together, as I can attest, having been assaulted by CLOUDS of sand gnats, these tiny bites can cause a lot of damage.

That’s the current state of our public discourse in America. We are pursued by relentless ideologues, and their Allies (LGBT+…….., unhappy, hysterical women, Beta men, and, frankly, cowards). We need to Man and Woman UP, and put on a full court press to fight them.

This is NOT what we look forward to. Americans tend to prefer very violent, short-term wars. We like to throw everything into the fight, including the kitchen sink, killing everything in sight until there is silence.

The Left, on the other hand, prefers the Long War. Such a strategy works well with limited troops and supplies. They get their money and weapons from their enemies (Soros is NOT spending HIS money, nor are the others. They are relying on foreign contributions, foundation giveaways, and government grants.)

Post in the comments if you have any ideas about how to get local Minutemen organized.


    • Roll-aid on April 27, 2023 at 12:02 PM

    The radical left has infiltrated and captured key areas of our society in such a way that a “Minutemen” group of more than 3 individuals probably has at least 1 working for the FBI.   I may be exaggerating, but not by much.   Two hundred years ago, a group could organize and equip itself in relative security at least at first. 
    The goal of the radical left is to be able to declare their opposition to be “terrorists” and thus, under law, be able to charge, convict and punish any who objects to the UniParty’s control of their lives. 
    Sounds grim, to be sure.   I just still recall the feeling of foreboding from that Joe  Biden spiel with those two Marines in the background.  

    • Dan on April 27, 2023 at 4:43 PM

    Most normal people in America live by societal rules.  We understand that a properly functioning society requires rules.  The !eft only has ONE rule.  Win!  By any means required.  As long as we follow rules and they don’t they will always win. 

  1. I’m not suggesting that these Minutemen plot rebellion. Merely that they identify those defensive actions that they can commit to learning – communications, readiness, use of sandbags and other forms of blocking intruders, proficiency with drone surveillance, informal census of neighbors’ positions and which groups they are affiliated with, etc.

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