Apropos Of “Homelands”

     The following comes from The Man With the Miraculous Hands, the story of super-masseur Dr. Felix Kersten and his experiences in ministering to Heinrich Himmler during the years of the Third Reich:

     “Listen, listen to how brilliant it is,” [Himmler] cried. “We have taken Poland, but the Poles hate us. We need real Germanic blood there. The Dutch are of Germanic origin; in spite of their treason, this is undeniable. In Poland they will learn to change their attitude toward us. The Poles will treat them as enemies, because we are going to give their land to the Dutch. So, lost among the Slavs, pursued by their hatred, the Dutch will have to be loyal to us, their protectors. Thus we will have in eastern Europe an entire Germanic population allied to us by necessity. And as for Holland, we will fill it with good young German peasants. And the English will lose their best landing field. Admit it, admit it, only the Fuhrer could find such a perfect solution. Is it not sheer genius?”

     Governments, the most predatory and violent of all human excrescences, have used forced migrations to establish control over an unruly populace. Ponder this in light of the huge population movements of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries.


  1. You piqued my interest in historical forced migration.
    Here is my first hit on the subject. https://historycollection.com/ten-largest-forced-migrations-human-history/

    I’m going to try and find out which conqueror was the first to employ the tactic. Who was the first to recognize that people who no longer have a connection to the land they live on are easier to control?

  2. Nebuchadnezzar?

    1. It appeared the Babylonians were the second, having learned the tactic from the empire that Nebuchadnezzar defeated, the Assyrians (2025 to 609 BC.)

      They also moved conquered people around their empire. Relocating conquered peoples made cities less unified, less likely to organize a rebellion, and easier to rule over.

      Nebuchadnezzar ruled Babylonia from 605-561, his empire lasting only a short time after his death, being overtaken by the Persians in 539.

      From the historical record, my best guess as to who first came up with the tactic was Sennacherib. It was under the rule of his descendant, Ashurbanipal, that the 10 tribes of Israel were uprooted and sent East.

      It appears that the power-mad of today, dreaming of an empire over the whole Earth, are in the process of following that Assyrian tactic. So “Nothing new under the sun” comes to mind.

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