Dress Rehearsal Tarantella

     First, a little music: Judy Collins singing a grim Leonard Cohen tune:

     Now that we’re properly depressed, “on with the show.”


     Stephen Kruiser has a warning for us:

     Because the beating heart of the 21st century Democrats is communism, civil unrest is a favorite tool of theirs. It provides a lot of cover for a lot of what they would like to keep in the shadows.

     Many expect some sort of trouble in the streets to pop up next year just before the election. But what if they decide that more is better and want to kick things off this year? Maybe just give it a trial run….

     It’s not outlandish to think that the Democrats are looking at “unrest” in cities they run and secretly hoping for some well-timed riots. Protests are a marvelous way to deflect from whatever Biden is screwing up at the moment. These dress rehearsals help them prepare for the big civil unrest finale that they almost certainly have planned for 2024.

     All sadly plausible, by the standards the Left has imposed upon us since 2020.


     There’s a quadrennial election coming up. The Left is likely to reprise its tactics from the last one. Those tactics depended heavily on disorder and fear.

     Remember Ol’ Remus? Remember his oft-repeated advice to “Stay away from crowds” — ? It was good back when he was still treading the floorboards; it’s even better now. And I, in my unbridled arrogance, have a codicil to add to it:

Stay Away From Cities,
And Wherever Else
Crowds May Form.

     Yes, really. If you live or work in a city of more than about 500,000 residents, you’re likely to be endangered by the riots-to-come. The exhortations from political figures such as the odious Kathy Hochul to “seek justice” for Neely will be welcomed by those whose lives are dominated by envy and resentment. Jordan Neely is just the most recent excuse. There may be other bits of tinder added to the fire; the Left is ever on the lookout for useful martyrs. But the music is already starting.


     The opening steps to this dance are already choreographed. The first crowds of “protestors” have been modest. Some subways have been blocked, but so far, to no lasting effect. A few token windows might be smashed, though these days that wouldn’t get much attention in Eric Adams’s New York. Figures such as Al Sharpton, who never met a dead black thug he didn’t like, are moving to the fore, and will soon urge the “protestors” to a quicker pace. Attempts to counsel nonviolence will be shouted down as “suppression.” The tempo will accelerate.

     The riots of the “George Floyd protests” are the model. Leftists in public office will condone outbreaks of violence as triggered by “right-wing extremism” and “racist oppression.” The commercial districts of the cities will experience flash mobs, smash-and-grabs, and outright looting.

     Persons minded to visit such places for purposes of their own must beware. Those with conventional expectations of safety and public order will be sorely grieved. In the “blue” cities – which means almost every city of a half-million or more – when the rioting breaks out, as the steps fly ever faster, the “forces of order” will hang back and watch.


     You could probably add details to the above, but the overall pattern is already clear. It’s the Left’s playbook for intimidating decent people into silence and isolation. It worked in 2020, so why not play those tunes a second time? Especially if it aids the effort to destroy the veracity of the 2024 elections?

     The 2024 balloting is being called – yes, again – the most important election in our lifetimes. Given the behavior of the major parties, I can’t see it. The Democrats haven’t changed at all; they’re still infinitely voracious and ruthlessly determined to hold power. The Republicans haven’t changed either; they’re jelly-spined placeholders whose function is to provide a “Potemkin opposition.” None of the minor parties really matter.

     Take it as written in the stars: No matter what it takes, Donald Trump will be prevented from contending for the GOP’s nomination. The Establishment will never again permit such an outsider near the levers of power. That he’d defeat any imaginable opposition in an honest election is of no moment.


     Stephen Kruiser considers current events to be a “dress rehearsal.” He could be right. The Left has previously probed the margins of what’s publicly acceptable. It has excelled at gradualist tactics in its efforts to shape public attitudes and behavior. The implications are as grim as Leonard Cohen’s song.

     The above is an outline of the social devolution I foresee. Keep it handy. You can use it to check my understanding of the processes involved when the dancing really gets going. But however things may progress, do stay away from the cities. Your footwork, however adroit, might be insufficient to save you.


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  1. I’m fortunate; I live in a city, but one that is around 62K people. And, the part I live in is sedate and with some money.

    The worst parts of the city are further distant. Over the railroad tracks, or on the other side of the Black River. If there would be riots, I’m inclined to think that they would gather on wider streets, with commercial properties on them.

    I once did some informal driving around. The main two bridges could easily be blockaded. The old commercial hub near the lake has narrow streets, not hospitable for gathering for a riot. The police department is right at the crossroad of that, near the old drawbridge (still working, occasionally get stuck for a few minutes there so river traffic can pass).

    I’m more concerned about my children, both of whom live in Cleveland proper. However, there are MANY city workers who live there (Cleveland used to have a requirement that employees had to live in the city; since repealed, there are still a lot of cops and firemen in that location).

    My son is selling soon. My daughter and her husband (ex-National Guard) are armed and know how to use them.

    So, not overly concerned, but wary when traveling. Lately, I’m making sure that I have charged up comms equipment with me, along with emergency supplies.

    What can anyone do? We can only guess what nefarious plans the Left has for us. I’m guessing the next few weeks will be critical.

    Biden and his family may go down in flames, everyone cutting the best deal they can. I’m sure that is what’s behind George Santos’ recent arrest – he is the distraction they are putting on the news, hoping to escape notice.

    • Feral Kitten on May 11, 2023 at 11:37 AM

    The biggest problem is that small town USA doesn’t want you moving to their area. We like the fact that there is no homeless on the streets, that nobody’s selling dope in the open and we don’t have to ever step over needles. Last year we had zero homicides. Yes, it’s a small town with a couple of town’s larger (not by much) within 30/40 minutes. So if you haven’t moved by now hopefully for us it’s not going to happen. Though I did meet a recent transplant from New Jersey.

  2. This summer will likely be Spicy and Hot; do NOT travel in or near the cities unless absolutely necessary. If you do, make that trip early in the morning, when the chaos has died down.

    The last time Cleveland had major riots, it destroyed working class neighborhoods. Most of them never recovered. Cleveland has lost population since then, and probably doesn’t have the numbers for a major riot.

    Cities that will be targeted? My guess:

    Columbus, OH
    Charlotte, NC
    Cincinnati, OH
    Phoenix, AZ

    Those are just cities that I’ve been in, and have universities nearby (the source of many of the shock troops). Add any other likely possibilities.

    I doubt Austin will have major outbreaks. Right now, TX is twitchy, and Rangers don’t play around, should they be called up.

    The ones that I bolded are most likely, to me.

  3. Might I add: get a non-GPS map of your city, hard copy (or download one into Kindle for offline reading).

    You will likely need to use alternative means of exit from cities that are erupting; so, don’t always travel the same way home. Learn a few different routes, and mark where gas stations and police stations are located. Practice traveling those routes – EVEN if they are longer – so you are comfortable in detouring around troubled spots.

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