The Shell Game Of Contemporary Politics…

     …still has a few desperate players:

     It happened again on Monday. Mr. Biden appeared alongside Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to brief reporters on new efforts to force airlines to compensate passengers when a flight is canceled. As soon as his remarks ended, Mr. Biden turned and walked off, ignoring questions from reporters. This comes after the president claimed Friday that he was doing a “major press conference” that evening. In reality, he was doing an MSNBC interview.
     Taking questions from the media promotes public accountability. It also shows that the president is willing to defend his positions and instills confidence that he can do the job. It is widely known that Mr. Biden is gaffe-prone and that news conferences are not his forte. But as he runs for a second term, he should be eager to show he can handle all aspects of the job.
     Pick up the microphone, Mr. President. The media is not your enemy.

     That’s from the Washington Post, a paper so utterly allied to the Democrat Party that there’s no air between them. The Pretender-In-Chief’s unwillingness to do a press conference makes them sad. After all their service to the Usurper Regime, he won’t show them his smiling face. That leaves them unable to insist – credibly, at least – upon his “public accountability.”

     There are more reasons for Biden to avoid the mikes and cameras than I can count. Probably the foremost among them is the inevitability of having to answer questions about the corruption scandal, now in full bloom, that has enveloped the entire Biden clan. His answers would either be incomprehensible or demonstrably false. What to do, what to do…

     It’s not just the “friendly media” who are getting agitated. The whole Democrat Party command cadre is panicking. They have no one else. It’s Biden in 2024 – a demonstrably incoherent and incapable old man who must be led around by the hand – or no one. None of the aspirants to the throne could credibly command twenty percent of the popular vote.

     Credibly. It’s the word of the day, Gentle Reader. The masks are off and will stay off. There’s no use in pretending that the federal government is “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people” any longer. It’s been revealed as a cartel of predators and villains, and its masters can no longer persuade a significant fraction of the electorate of anything else. The thought must be ringing in thousands of Establishmentarian skulls:

“Elections? When the jig is so plainly up?
Why bother to hold them?”

     What will it be, Gentle Reader? Another “pandemic?” A financial meltdown? Or a full-scale war? All three have become plausible.

     Yes, I’m “in a mood.” Perhaps I’ll be back later with something sunnier.


    • George Mckay on May 12, 2023 at 5:48 AM

    Donald Trump for all his detractions and pecadillos IS the only hope this Republic has.  Only he has the guts and gumption to do it.  Our many problems are all directly the fault and plan of the left – i.e. the democrat party and it’s minions.


    Our current “malaise” as Jimmy Carter named it has been in the works for decades.  Joe McCarthy was correct when he tried to eliminate the “red menace” and got vilified for it.  His tactics did not work but, that does not mean we could not fix this using better tactics.


    With another D win in 2024 we can all kiss our Republic bye as the momentum is on THEIR side and crap rolls downhill.  The debt load, illegals and having commies in all positions of power – judges, prosecutors and pols will finish us.  We don’t get a redo – it is now or never.  I don’t want to surrender – do any of you?



    1. Read the next essay, George. “No matter who you vote for, the government gets elected.” (Originator unknown)

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