Testing The Threshold

     You’ve surely heard about Cori Bush’s demand for $14 trillion in “reparations” to American Negroes. A little arithmetic makes that $350,000 for every Negro in the country. Well, as unlikely as such an award may seem to you, Gentle Reader, there are Negroes demanding a lot more than that:

     A local resident told the Tampa City Council Thursday that the cost of reparations in the city should be “$3 million per person.”
     “All this nonsense, homelessness and all this other garbage you all talk about. Police violence and all this stuff — don’t nobody care about that,” the man said.
     “We care about our reparations. And we have to put White people on notice that we want our reparations. Our foreparents and us didn’t work for free and [get] underpaid and all this nonsense and the White folks get away with it,” the man added,” while “they talk about the great city they’re building.”

     That ciphers out to $120 trillion: approximately equal to the Gross World Product for two and a half years. Can you say “Fat chance?”

     No, it won’t happen, though I have no doubt some of the “bluer” states and cities will offer these whiners something. But it has a larger impact than one might think. It’s a puzzle piece in a developing “whitelash” that must surely be at the starting gate.

     A large percentage of American whites have decided not to put up with any more from such persons. They’re moving from “blacker” to “whiter” districts, some across state lines. They’re segregating themselves occupationally as well as socially. An unprecedented number of white adults now travel armed at all times. More will follow. The “reparations” flacksters should be aware that their ever-escalating demands for something they have not earned and do not deserve are like waving a lit match near an open container of gasoline.

     But the “reparations” scam is only one component in a Left-organized campaign to destroy the country. Add the complete collapse of the southern border. Add the ever-intensifying contest over what shall be taught in the “public” (i.e., government-run and government-controlled) schools. Add the transgenderism mania, and the absurd demands that children as young as toddlers be “transitioned” pharmaceutically and surgically – against the will of their parents.

     The Left’s hostility to normal Americans and what makes their lives possible is undisguised. The assault on the fossil fuels has made that irrefutable. A kinda-sorta public official is even suggesting that the federal government might start seizing farms — in the name of “climate change.” Mind you, John Kerry’s thinking doesn’t extend beyond his fanatic desire to be seen as a mover and shaker. He probably got the idea from his colleagues in Holland.

     In an essay that covers the Los Angeles “Pride Parade,” the “porn and drag queens in schools” business, and the constant pushing of transgenderism on young children, Ace provides some thoughts:

     There’s is a danger to constantly attempting to bully people with the “transphobic” label to make them do what you want: At some point, your ask is too big. And you say, “Well, if you don’t give me your big ask, you’re at transphobe.”
     And at that point, they say: “Okay, I am a transphobe. Now I will identify, proudly, as a transphobe. So now that that’s cleared up, and your pet slur now means absolutely nothing to me, I’m going to start speaking my mind about the viral mental illness you are trying to infect children with.”
     And then what? Do you threaten to call them a “racist” too, if they won’t comply?
     That’s where we are now.
     People have had it.

     I can only hope so. As I wrote some time ago:

     People will tolerate a great deal before they snap, but they will snap. Especially if they’re being told that they must tolerate personal abuse or oppression, the abuse of their loved ones, or the destruction of something they love. And if Americans should snap, the reverberations will circle the globe. As Larry Correia and others have observed, we’ve got two and only two settings: Vote and Shoot Everybody. Governments, law enforcers, bureaucrats, and activists should beware. Day by day we move ever closer to throwing that switch.

     The pressures must be near to the threshold of explosion by now. What more is required? A demand by Asian Americans for reparations because their forefathers came here as cheap labor? Or a demand by Aztlan and La Raza for sovereignty over Arizona, New Mexico, and California?

     I asked my Magic 8-Ball. It replied “Reply hazy. Try again later.” Well, perhaps. But I’m going to buy more ammo in any case.


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    • Amy on May 20, 2023 at 2:05 PM

    $3 million?!? Truth be told, I suspect if people were offered that much in reparations, it would likely get squandered and they’d wind up even worse off than before. Look at what happens to many lottery winners…of all races.

    • gl on May 20, 2023 at 3:03 PM

    Reparations: Based upon proof of only two things. We will give you $1 million for the following requirements. One is based on a sliding scale of percentage. You are 100% black = $1 mil and decreases from there and only those listed in the 2020 census. Any person under 18 all money will be kept in trust until 21. But how many are going to submit to DNA or has proof? How many know that great-grandparents didn’t come here after 1865? Upon receipt of money all subsistence money ceases for Life. So, here what you need to claim that jackpot. 

    Proof of ancestry for slave status
    DNA for percentage of black ancestry

    • OneGuy on May 20, 2023 at 3:33 PM

    Just like affirmative action no amount of reparations will suffice.  If they did give some huge amount to all blacks within a year or so they will have spent it and they will demand more ad infinitum.  My prediction is this will happen in some cities and a few states.  It probably won’t be hundreds of thousands but what ever it is it will be insufficient and the demands will increase for more.  And more.  And more.  There will be laws passed to take property, houses, pay checks, etc, from non-POCs to pay for this.  In the end the Dems win.  The POC will vote for free stuff and anyone who speaks common sense will not get elected.  Until violence and chaos erupts.  And the Dems will win then as well as they will call for punitive laws and punishments for whites; kind of a much larger Jan 6th scenario where you go to jail simply for being anywhere near where this all goes down.  This will continue until the violence ends it one way or the other. 

    • Xzebek on May 20, 2023 at 10:14 PM

    Feral chimps and criminal scammers need to be removed from society and not another cent in public funds. 
    We would be much better off without that 13% of the population. 

    • SiG on May 22, 2023 at 12:37 PM

    My internet research-fu seems to be on the fritz today, so I’m unable to find where I used to be able to see how much tax revenue the fed.gov collected in the last year.   As close as I can get is at the US Debt Clock  where I see here in ’23, at week 21 of 52, tax revenue is listed at $4.58 trillion.  Using that ratio (21/52) I calculate all tax revenue for the year to be $11.3 trillion.  BTW, that’s <b>all</b> federal tax revenue, not just income tax.
    Why do I want to know this?  When I read Cori Bush’s $14 trillion I thought that has to be more than all the taxes paid.  Which says she couldn’t pay out $14 trillion if she were to confiscate 100% of the taxes and not fund any other government expense.   Key word: ANY.  No defense, no medicare, no SS, no EPA, no school lunches, no nothing. 
    Remember, we’re supposedly living under the academic pretense called Modern Monetary Theory (which is neither modern nor a legitimate theory) which says the government can just create that money out of thin air and it will have no negative effects.  No inflation, no loss of confidence, nothing bad.  Just sunshine, roses and lollipops. 
    I suspect that you (like me) are hesitant to refer to non-science observations as Laws of Nature, but one that seems as close to physical law as any other is Hauser’s Law in economics.  Hauser published in 1993, “No matter what the tax rates have been, in postwar America tax revenues have remained at about 19.5% of GDP.”  Tax rates are independent of tax revenue.  She can double the tax rates, but Hauser showed the revenues wouldn’t double and might even decrease. 
    It goes without saying that Cori Bush is irresponsible to be spreading such trash.

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