Questions That Go Unanswered

     Some are asked by millions:

     Congress seems to be most effective as a machine for enriching its members. There are a great many members and former members who became hugely wealthy during their tenures there. How? A Congressional salary alone could never account for it. Does a seat come with some sort of trading privilege? Or do the firms that flood the lobbies with “legislative consultants” directly pay those who agree to advance their fortunes?

     Mind you, that How? question has been asked of many Congressvermin on both sides of the aisle, since World War II. It arises most predictably when a member is already being viewed dubiously by the public. But it’s never answered to our satisfaction.

     There is an agency of the federal government that supposedly has the responsibility for probing such questions. You know it well; you’ve been taught to fear its ferocity. You propitiate it every year. But for some reason, it denies us the answers. The “answering agency” responsible for probing such matters seems entirely uninterested in the subject…when the target is a federal legislator.

     Funny that it took such an intense interest when the target was Al Capone…or Donald Trump.

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