Rights For Me But Not For Thee

     Anti-gun activists in Tennessee have been harassing legislators and Second Amendment supporters. That’s part of the Left’s playbook, of course…but have a gawk at this little tidbit:

     On May 16, 2023, WTN 99.7 FM’s Brian Wilson delved into the revelations from a secretly recorded training session held by gun control advocates in preparation for the upcoming special session in Tennessee.

     This special session, called by Governor Bill Lee, aims to pass more red-flag laws and gun control measures within the state.

     Wilson reviews snippets from the approximately two-hour training session, which shed light on the tactics and strategies employed by these freedom-hating advocates and their affiliation with Planned Parenthood….

     During the training, one notable aspect that emerged was the discussion surrounding the presence of armed anti-gun activists among the advocates’ ranks!?

     The trainers revealed that they had established groups in Nashville composed of individuals whom they “trust.” The recording reveals these individuals are not only “trained” but also “armed,” serving as a security force for the gun banners during protests and other events. [Emphasis added by FWP]

     “Armed anti-gun activists?” How much more hypocritical could these aspiring totalitarians get?

     (Is it too early to start drinking?)