In Robert C. Townsend’s invaluable book of business advice Further Up The Organization, he proposes that every company institute a unique executive position: VP in Charge of Killing Things:

     It’s about eleven times as easy to start something as it is to stop something. But ideas are good for a limited time—not forever….

     General Foods, the AFL-CIO, the Department of Defense, and the Ford Foundation should make it a practice to wipe out their worst product, service, or activity every so often. And I don’t mean cutting it back or remodeling it–I mean right between the eyes.

     Kurt Schlichter finds himself in agreement:

     The enemy hates us, and it is dead serious about converting its hatred into policy. From legalizing crime to weaponizing the government against us, from disenfranchising us at the ballot box to disarming us in our homes, to gagging us on social media and leveraging the regime media to hide the truth and amplify the lies, this is a cold war where we become serfs if we don’t win. It’s not the time for Team Use Your Inside Voice. The enemy holds every major institution; if you are worried about collateral damage to the institutions that seek to enslave us – or worse – then you don’t have the stones to flatten them and their current occupants. And that’s what we need to do.

     Here’s the test – if you think we should not dismantle the FBI because the problem is a few bad apples, you are impotent and unfit to lead. Get back in the rear with the camp followers and help with the cooking – we need a guy who will pick up his saber, yell “Follow me!” and charge.

     Who was it that said that the nearest approach to eternal life observable among us is a temporary government program? Yes, the FBI needs to be put down like the rabid dog it’s come to be. It was originally instituted for two tasks, neither of which was legitimate or sincere: preventing counterfeiting and enforcing Prohibition. Today its principal function seems to be terrorizing pro-lifers and the angry parents of school-age kids. Why let such an agency continue? It’s neither necessary nor desirable nor Constitutionally licit.

     Schlichter has the right of it, though I would go further: How about dropping a ten megaton city-buster on the Washington Monument, plus half-megaton warheads on the capitals of the fifty states? Imagine the savings! Imagine the serenity! Imagine being able to concentrate on our proper business without having to worry about politics!

     Of course there would be a downside: our “news media” would have to find something of actual importance to prattle about. So what? Eggs and omelets, baby.

     (What’s that? You want to know how to cope with your annoying neighbor? That’s a job for neighborhood nuclear superiority! Stop complaining. Get equipped.)

     Finally, a thought from a thinker of some years ago:

     Think about it…and read something refreshing while you’re at it.

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    • Evil Franklin on May 25, 2023 at 7:54 AM

    “Read something refreshing.”

    Little of that available except possibly around the periphery.

    I have found some. The Martian and Hail Mary by Andy Weir. The Chemist and The Host by Stephenie Meyer. The Galactic Liberation series by David Vandyke and B.V. Larson.
    I’m trying to write a book of my own, but, the death of my wife took the wind out of my sails. I was having fun too. Hopefully I can find the wind and fun again. Will it be worthwhile? For me, yes. Will people read it, ha. I’m at over 80,000 words and not even half way there.

    Evil Franklin

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