Newspeak Might Not Prove Necessary

     …if the Left can simply forbid us to use certain words and phrases:

     A college woman received a zero grade score on an assignment for using the term “biological women.”
     “I got a zero on my project proposal in class because I used the term biological women, which is apparently not allowed anymore,” the college girl explains in the viral video.
     The girl’s professor “even said it was a good project proposal, but I got a zero because I used this term that’s exclusionary and not allowed anymore.”
     Her project centered around transgenders competing in women’s sports, yet she wasn’t allowed to say – biological women.

     They really are using 1984 as a playbook. Are we being cast as proles? Or as unpersons?


    • George Mckay on May 23, 2023 at 6:23 AM

    The only way to “reform” academe is hit them in the pocketbook.  If kiddies don’t enroll in these bastions of communist thought the brilliant “professors” will have nobody to scold.

    Now we all know that will not happen cuz daddy needs his spawn to follow the family tradition or the party line or whatever else forces them into servitude.  Yes, servitude as $100,000 for a worthless edumacation which yields no marketable job or life skills is being a slave to the issuing bank.

    So kiddos go to a trade school or better yet get into a trade apprenticeship.  You will have far greater job satisfaction and not be making worthless professors and other degenerates richer and you will be making a good living doing so.   Just my two cents.


    • Evil Franklin on May 25, 2023 at 7:32 AM

    I’ve said for a long time that colleges and universities should be closed, permanently.
    Doctors, like politicians, no longer follow their oath. Lawyers, ha. Scientists have given up looking for truth. Their work is not reproduceable. Academia at all levels cares not whether their students can read, write and add, subtract, divide and multiply.

    I agree that trade schools and apprenticeships are currently the best option.

    Evil Franklin

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