Your Daily Outrage

     It’s not just Chicago; the whole state of Illinois has decided to surrender to the savages:

No charges for Chicago teens who killed 70-yr-old with stolen KIA, mayor fires police chief who asked questions

     Police in the village of Robbins, which is southwest of Chicago, announced that no charges have been filed against three teenagers who stole a Kia in February and then crashed it into 70-year-old Donald Carter’s car, killing him.

     Carter’s family has been outraged that no charges have been forthcoming against the teenagers.

     Robbins Mayor Darren Bryant fired Police Chief David Sheppard in April following the incident after the chief repeatedly questioned behavior coming from the mayor’s office, according to The Southland Journal.

     According to the Chicago Tribune, Sheppard said he believed that his questioning of directions he received from Bryant in the handling of Carter’s vehicle factored into his dismissal. Sheppard said the vehicle was taken to a large building where public works vehicles and road salt are stored to keep it enclosed because state police had not yet processed it for evidence in the crash investigation.

     There’s no mention of the race of those three teenage killers, but I think any Gentle Reader of Liberty’s Torch can guess them accurately. It happened in Illinois, not far from Chicago, after all.

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    • Evil Franklin on May 25, 2023 at 7:18 AM

    The time is coming when vengeance will become the norm.
    When the government will not act the relatives will. Justice will be swift and severe.

    Evil Franklin

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