This Marks the Death of Europe

From the start of the Industrial Revolution, one characteristic of the German people has remained constant. They take pride in doing their jobs well, with meticulous attention to detail, and making sure that the work is done correctly. German craftsmanship has been a dependable feature of the German state.

True, the part of Germany that was separated during the years of Russian rule deteriorated from this ideal. It was one of the factors that made reunification so challenging.

But, nothing has been so damaging to this work ethic as the invasion by non-Germans. Read the sad story here.


    • Georgiaboy61 on June 8, 2023 at 2:23 AM

    “The Great Replacement” is as real in Germany as it is anywhere else in the western world these days. They and other Europeans are the proverbial canaries in the coalmines, though, since the process is father along there than in the U.S.
    Why would the globalist oligarchs and billionaires want to replace ordinary Germans with Turks, or Frenchmen with Algerians and Tunisians, or Swedes with Somalis? The answer lies in the ideological beginnings of the European Union, and its founder, Richard von Coudenhove Kalgeri (1894-1972).
    Kalergi, born in the waning days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to an Austro-Hungarian nobleman father and a Japanese mother, grew up as a member of the privileged class of old Europe. He founded the united Europe movement which later became the European Common Market and then the European Union (EU).
    Kalergi believed that the ideal European of the future would be a racial hybrid – as he was himself. Specifically, a hybrid of the darker skinned peoples from Africa, the Middle East and elsewhere, mated to native Europeans. Although he denied being a Nazi and claimed that his ideas were radically different from them of the national socialists, Kalergi was, in blunt terms, a eugencist – just as were the Nazis. The same oldĀ  wine in shiny new bottles…
    Are we not seeing today the ideology of Kalergi and his fellow globalists come to fruition?
    As for the death of competency, isn’t that a core pillar of our advanced civilization? The globalists have also made their goals for human population numbers clear: They wish the earth to have a stable population of around 500 million people ~ or a half a billion people. Since there are now roughly eight billion people on earth, that means they want to reduce population by about 15/16ths or about 93-94%.
    Remember what globalist Yuval Hirari called most of the earth’s people? Answer: “Useless eaters” … one can’t make it any plainer than that!
    It looks as if the globalist oligarchs are deliberately attacking competency and thereby whatever it is that it helps make possible – whether a reliable food supply, safe and dependable medical care and drugs, efficient transportation, and so on.
    I am something of an old man now. I never expected to see the powerful people who run things deliberately reverse the direction in which human civilization is running. Yet, it seems as if that is exactly what they are trying to do. Make human society run backwards in time.

    1. In short, the Progressive Movement is regressive, and its proponents have always engaged in Reversethink and Reversespeak, the more precise version of Orwell’s Double-think.

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