Failure of Trust is the Core Issue

The ZMan posted this, and I think he has hit the essential point – trust is not there between the American people and their government.

The American citizens have lost trust that their government will act in their best interests. That’s reasonable, as the entrenched Deep State and their allies (NGOs, elected officials, the media) do NOT have our interests in mind when they make decisions.

It’s similar to the effect of infidelity on a marriage. The outward appearance may continue, there may not be an immediate divorce, but the marriage is fractured irredeemably.

“But, that was YEARS ago! And, it was only ONCE!”, the offending spouse might reply.

Yep. But it fractured that trust. The injury party might decide to put aside their justified grievance, for the sake of the kids and relative stability. But they will never have that innocent complete trust in their spouse.

Trust. Once lost, seldom regained. Anyone who has been betrayed by a friend or loved one knows that the repaired relationship has a weak point – when it came down to the crunch, that person wasn’t there for you. That’s why infidelity is often the breaking point for a marriage, even though many times, the parties limp along for years.

Breaking trust kills the bond.

That’s what the Privileged Elite Class doesn’t get. As far as they are concerned, they just have to talk sweet to us, and we’ll be right back in their thrall. Perhaps buy them the equivalent of flowers and candy (not from THEIR bank account, but from OURS).

Won’t that solve that little tiff? Hey, why are you making such a big deal about this?

Many in America have disengaged. They’ve reached the point where they aren’t YET willing to break up the union. But, they are only in it for expediency’s sake. They are using that temporary period to make sure they aren’t penniless in the future split.

You’d think the Privileged Elite Class would take the hint from the surge in preps, home food gardens, survival tools, alternative energy purchases (not for the sake of Green, but meant to keep them alive WHEN the power is cut to the Dissidents), and side hustles that fall under the radar of the IRS.

It’s like the Little Woman stockpiling cash taken from household and other discretionary money she has access to. She’s updating her passport, her resume, her credit access, and arranging emergency shelter, should it be needed. She’s confided only in a few selected people – mostly her family. She is prepared for a quick exit.

And, so are we.

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    • MrLiberty on July 1, 2023 at 10:03 AM

    The SOONER the complete lack of faith and trust becomes permanent,  the sooner we can all stop being deluded and start working to dismantle the federal and criminal state governments and restoring sanity and freedom to this country. 

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