Hollow Laugh Dept.

     There are days when your Curmudgeon suspects that, rather than a real world where rational people say and do rational things, he was born into a huge satire of such a world. We have an example today:

     MSNBC’s Jen Psaki comments blaming Republicans for concerns expressed by the Muslim community about LGBTQ curriculum being taught to children as young as elementary school were challenged by a leader one of the largest Islamic organizations in the U.S.

     Psaki’s allegation is today’s Hollow Laugh #1. That a functionary of an Islamic organization should snort it aside comes as no surprise. But wait: there’s more!

     Edward Ahmed Mitchell, the national deputy director at the Council for American-Islamic Relations, said the Islamic faith community is concerned about allegiance to God, not Psaki’s preferred politics.

     Psaki during her Sunday show also attempted to scare Muslims from being purportedly “recruit[ed]” by the GOP in opposing LGBTQ curriculum they found “age-inappropriate.” A similar MSNBC narrative ran on June 21, and was also blasted by Mitchell as “ludicrous” for portraying Muslim parents as “dupes” for the political right.

     He added it was time for “liberal commentators” like Psaki “to accept that Muslim parents are independent, intelligent people speaking for themselves.

     Your Curmudgeon added the emphasis, of course. It’s Hollow Laugh #2.

     “Independent” cannot be applied other than ironically to persons who’ve accepted a faith that practices conversion by the sword, advocates deceit in its service, inculcates hatred of other faiths, preaches the inherent inferiority and untrustworthiness of women, and applies the death penalty for heretics and apostates. Yet all these things are found in Islam’s scriptures, which Muslims are required to accept as unquestionable. As for “intelligent,” does that pertain to persons who believe, as Muslims are required to do, that Allah gifted an illiterate caravan operator with his sacred decrees, yet exempted that man from them because he was “a prophet?” At the very least, that suggests a rigid mental compartmentalization, to protect those lunacies from intelligent scrutiny.

     Picture your Curmudgeon shaking his head wearily. Granted that he’s wont to do that at this hour, but still…!


    • Mike in Canada on July 7, 2023 at 8:20 AM

    There is more than enough stupid to go around, I fear….

    It burns, though.

    I find that, increasingly, people are less and less likely to listen to themselves when they talk. This would account for the complete, objectively-verifiable, and utter nonsense being spewed by those purportedly ‘in authority’.

    Sometimes, it is to laugh. But only sometimes.


    • Chicolini on July 8, 2023 at 7:01 AM

    Say what you will the moslems still obey their god. How many Christians do?

    1. A good point. There are an awful lot of “cosmetic Christians” these days.

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