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Defiance Or Gloom?

     Your Curmudgeon isn’t sure what he’s hearing.      Some voices are elevated in anger, furious about events in Afghanistan and seemingly resolved to expel the villains and incompetents in Washington who are responsible for the debacle. Many of these are persons who’ve expressed similar intentions for some time. But other voices speak in the …

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Data Points

     Nations, like men, are best advised to heed one another’s actions rather than their words. A steady diet of diplomatic and strategic duplicity will nullify one’s ability to negotiate for anything – and that is what the American diplomatic and military establishments have fed the world since 1975.      Vietnam.      Iran.      Libya. …

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The Obscenities Are Peaking

     No, your Curmudgeon isn’t talking about Afghanistan. That particular obscenity already has enough commentators piling onto it. Our focus this evening is something closer to home:      A group of 162 principals and assistant principals at schools in Minnesota issued a public letter calling for “de-centering Whiteness” and “dismantling practices that reinforce White academic …

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The Rats Are Leaving The Sinking Ship

     The collapse of a regime is reliably preceded by the undisguised abandonment of its external allies. This is particularly visible among its former media supporters.      Have a few links: From The Atlantic From Politico From CNN From MSN And a very revealing interview.      As this will cost American lives and still more …

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This Man Is Your Enemy

     …and he’s not troubling to hide it:      “You have to get the overwhelming proportion of people vaccinated, but you also have to do mitigation, and that gets to the controversial issue of mask wearing, and the mandating of things,” [Fauci] said. “Mandating vaccines, for example, for teachers and … personnel in the school.”… …

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