The Follies Of Experts

     Your Curmudgeon is coming to believe that “experts” and the relentless promotion thereof exist solely to reinforce “official” BS and intimidate those who see through it. Perhaps he’s even a bit late to the party, as that seems to be a burgeoning recognition among Americans generally. Nevertheless, it’s a notion that deserves some exploration, considering how much BS “experts” have bombarded us with these past few centuries.

     Recently, Elon Musk made a little news by stating something “obvious:”

     And in a flash, the “experts” were all over him like a cheap suit:

     But demographic experts disagree, telling Insider in 2022 that global birth rates would likely continue to increase this century, before very gradually leveling out.

     Your Curmudgeon merely shook his head. None so blind as those that will not see, et cetera. But that’s Mankind for you.


     Demography is a “bulk” study. It veers away from the sort of disambiguation that reveals what one really needs to know and watch. If one looks at Musk’s statement closely, meaning begins to filter through that the “experts” are loath to admit. For your disambiguated pleasure:

     “If we don’t make enough people to at least sustain our numbers, perhaps increase a little bit, then civilization’s gonna crumble.”

     Reflect on the emphasized words for a moment. Do you think this exceptionally bright and alert man was talking about the Africans? Perhaps the teeming hordes of the Chinese? Well then, what about the indigenes of Central and South America? You know, the ones that the European colonial pioneers found when they first came to the New World? Do you think the “experts” who were quick to contradict Musk were sincerely ignorant of what’s really at stake?

     Musk was talking about abortion and birth control. These practices are dominant in those nations founded by what we usually refer to as the white race. Euro-Caucasians. The people that gave the world what we call “civilization”…and, to be perfectly fair, the race that seems to be dismantling it as we speak.

     The white race is slowly ceasing to reproduce. Yes, we still indulge the “limbic instinct,” but we tend to avert the reproductive consequences far more often than those of other climes. Mark Steyn wrote a rather detailed book about it, in case any Gentle Reader is unaware. He made no reference to racial disparities, but the facts are quite plain from the nations and numbers he cited.

     It’s been said that it’s difficult verging on impossible to get people to reproduce for a future they don’t expect to see. In point of fact, the balance of incentives is worse than that. Consider all the following:

  • Recent generations of whites have been indoctrinated to hate themselves.
  • They’ve also been taught to fear the future.
  • The inducements to a hedonistic lifestyle have never before been so strong.
  • The costs of averting pregnancy and parturition have never been so low.
  • By comparison, producing and rearing children has never been so difficult, costly, and hazardous.
  • Legal barriers against abortion and birth control are rare and easily circumvented.

     Consider this as well: Who is encouraging whites to have kids? Can you name any agency or institution that’s been doing so this past half-century? The balance of incentives and inducements appears to be sharply tilted against reproduction.

     Today, the peoples that still have kids are predominantly nonwhite. More, they largely live outside the First World.


     Your Curmudgeon doubts severely that Elon Musk’s statement will bring about any significant change in demographic trends. It won’t cause young whites to say to one another, “Geez, he’s right. Let’s get started on a good-sized family so there’ll be a high civilization for the human future to enjoy!” But that won’t help to calm the “experts.” They have a mission: to defend the glamorous, convenient, lucrative status quo, made available to you in large measure by abortion and birth control. There shall be no besmirching of these sacraments! Too many rice bowls are at stake!

     So we will continue to decline. Others will displace us – possibly with the instruments we’ve developed. (“Cultural appropriation,” anyone?) It’s happening slowly, but it’s happening. Given the balance of incentives, the odds are against a resurgence of Christian-Enlightenment civilization. And yes: in the distance you can hear various “experts” saying “It isn’t happening…and anyway, it would be a good thing if it were.”

     Perhaps Aaron Clarey has the right of it after all. Your Curmudgeon pontificates; you decide.


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    • Bear Claw on April 23, 2023 at 3:50 PM

    “It’s been said that it’s difficult verging on impossible to get people to reproduce for a future they don’t expect to see”.

    Not for the muslims, it is innate in the culture. Their institutions support the young in order to facilitate perpetuation.

    Learned that from a female convert in a Christian church environment.

    1. Good point. The funny thing is that Christianity also encourages procreation, but fewer and fewer Christians are “heeding the call.”

      1. Could the reason be because the faith is so centered on being granted entrance to afterlife that living in this world and perpetuating it is seen as a lesser goal? It certainly aligns with the more hedonistic among us. One has far more to spend on oneself if there are no children to raise. And if it all will end soon in Armageddon, aren’t Christians sparing the offspring they never had from being lost to the dark side? I know it is not a solid faithfulness that would lead a Christian to think that way (It is much too much like those who would abort a child in the womb known to have birth defects). But that zeitgeist coupled with the secular powers threatening clergy not to fight their abortion sacraments or lose tax exemption, the threat to Christianity is a very real thing. And that is just one more set of reasons for a falling fecundity among would-be faithful. It is truly a sad situation for the world.

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Musk about procreation and civilization all sustainability. His version of procreation and civilization, however, is a bit different from my own.

    While he and I both seem to enjoy limbic indulgence, how we go about things differs.

    He does make valid points.


    • David Bovender on April 23, 2023 at 5:51 PM

    It’s simple. I had one girl and one boy. Both beautiful blondes. I would have loved to have more but I could not afford more. To this day I’m 65 I NEVER got a frigging DIME of government help. Missed out on Covid stimulus because they said I made too much.Fuck the Dems and Republicans. Two headed Snake.

    • pyrrhus on April 23, 2023 at 5:58 PM

    Seven year olds easily understand things like ‘the World birth rate and the American birth rate are two distinct things”…but our “experts” don’t want to understand it….Wonder why…

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