A Critical Need for the Next President

GREATER than Controlling the Border

This has to do with the eligibility of illegal aliens to access Medicaid/Medicare benefits.

I know, I know – according to The Left, that’s an urban myth, if not a QAnon conspiracy theory.

It’s NOT.

I am a licensed Health Insurance Agent/Broker. Every year, I have to pass a test – called the AHIP (it’s a test required to be certified to sell health insurance, administered through a private association of health insurance professionals – kind of like the Legal Bar).

In that test, it’s emphasized that only US citizens, or those LEGALLY present can access Medicare/Medicaid/Part D plans.

Well, isn’t that a Slam-Dunk in favor of The Left’s POV?


Here’s the kicker: CMS – the Center for Medicare Services (the agency that covers Medicare/Medicaid/Part D rules) is the SOLE determinant of the eligibility of recipients.

Therefore, should a Leftist/Left-Leaning/Cynical Observer of The Left Who Wants to Keep Their Job be in charge, those individuals formerly called Illegal Aliens, now called Undocumented Immigrants/Asylum Seekers/Dreamers/Whatever BS designation that The Left considers to cover up the illegality of their actions, nothing will change in present operations. The illegal aliens will continue to be classified a LEGALLY PRESENT, and qualified for any of those programs.

The individual states WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PREVENT ELIGIBILITY. Their ONLY choice is to limit access by reducing the upper limit for income eligibility, or asset limits. States vary widely in their rules.

The real solution is to get a person in charge of the agency that cuts through the word-salad of The Left, and defines a Legally Present individual/family as: Entered the country through LEGAL means, and did not overstay a visa, or otherwise make self ineligible for assistance. I would expect that person’s confirmation to be opposed tooth and nail by the Dems and RINOs in the Senate; so, you can see that gaining control by a wide margin (and replacing as many of the Diehard RINOs as possible) is vital to putting the breaks on this practice.

If The Left takes us to court, all right. It will take time to reach The Supremes, and there’s a better than even chance that they will side with the new guidelines. Better, it will also affect OTHER agencies and how they interpret eligibility for the federal entitlements. A favorable decision could be a game-changer.

Almost as important is to begin clearing the backlog of potential asylum seekers. Start with the males, and set dates with close deadlines. Use retired judges and civil magistrates to the extent possible (being sure to vet them thoroughly). Retired military judges could be used, as well (many of them will likely lean towards non-Leftist interpretations).

If an illegal entrant cannot be located, a judgement in favor of deportation should be entered. Only those appearing will get a shot at staying. That’s a complete reversal of the current situation. But, one of the requirements for getting released was to agree to appear. If they won’t follow the rules, exact the punishment.

Put their faces and names out there, and let police and sheriffs departments handle as much as possible. Allow them a set amount for arresting AND holding the deportees until they can be transported and deported, with a bonus when the person is actually returned to the originating country.

If the government’s forces are overwhelmed, bring in the bounty hunters, for a set amount per person found (peg it to the income limit for Medicaid, with the lower states getting less, and those with higher Medicaid limits getting more). This will encourage pursuit.


    • OneGuy on July 11, 2023 at 10:13 AM

    Our federal government should aggressively require the country of citizenship to pay all medical expenses incurred by their citizens in the U.S.  This is what other countries do and is the only fair way to solve this problem.

    1. An excellent idea, but it would prove difficult to enforce.

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