The Way It Was And The Way It Is

     One of my differences with the Church is about the acceptability of sex between an unmarried man and an unmarried woman. It doesn’t violate the Sixth Commandment as God handed it to Moses and as Jesus of Nazareth reaffirmed it. But that doesn’t mean “anything goes,” morally, ethically, or practically.

     While I’m sincere about the view above, despite the deviation from Catholic doctrine, there are…phenomena in our milieu that strike me as too depraved to tolerate. Here’s an example, from Divemedic:

     I met a young lady who was employed at an Orlando area gentleman’s club. Yes, it’s what you are thinking- she was a stripper. During dinner, she mentioned that there was no way that she would sleep with a man until he had taken her on at least two expensive dates. Her exact words were “I am not about to give him any until he has spent at least $200 on me.”

     Well, women like that piss me off, so I said: “Do I actually have to spend time listening to you talk, or will you just take a check?” while pulling out my checkbook. (That’s a book with special pieces of paper in them that you can take to the bank and exchange for money, for those of you born after 1998 or so.)

     With that comment, the table went silent. When we got back to the hotel, my buddy David said, “I can’t believe you called that chick a whore.”

     My reply: “I didn’t. She did.”

     I encountered a couple of women of that sort when I was “between wives.” They’re the sort that makes one muse about whether there were good points to Nineteenth Century prudery after all. Applause to Divemedic for seeing the situation clearly and responding appropriately.

     Now, sex has power. Sexual access is something a man must win, not something he should take for granted. Normally – i.e., with a good woman in mind – he does this by convincing her that he’s the sort of man she wants in her bed and her body. But the way many women use sexual availability is, shall we say, somewhat at variance with a decent man’s expectations. Courtesy of Mike Hendrix comes another vignette:

     [Musician Randy Bachman] was walking down the street with a stack of records under his arm, when he saw three “tough-looking biker guys” approaching. He felt threatened and was looking for a way to cross the street onto the other sidewalk when a little car pulled up to the men. A woman about 5 feet tall got out of the car, shouting at one of them, asking where he’d been all day, that he had left her alone with the kids, didn’t take out the trash, and was down here watching the girls. The man was suddenly alone when his buddies walked away. Chastened, he got in the car as the woman told him before pulling away: “And one more thing, you ain’t getting no sugar tonight”. The words stuck in Bachman’s memory.

     Bachman then wrote a short song in the key of F♯ called “No Sugar Tonight”. When he presented the song to Burton Cummings and RCA, he was told that the song was too short. Bachman and Cummings expanded the song by adding to it a song Cummings had written that was also in the key of F♯, “New Mother Nature”.

     That’s sex used as a bludgeon to compel the man’s obedience to the woman’s preferences. It’s as vile as demanding payment, whether in cash or in goods. Today’s feminists make plain how vile they are by exhorting women to use their sexual allure this way.

     I can’t imagine how low an opinion of oneself is required to stay with a woman who would treat her man that way. But it’s become appallingly commonplace. It’s one of the drivers for the Men Going Their Own Way movement. It can creep into any heterosexual relationship…and it should be taken by the man as a clear indication that the love is gone, if indeed there ever was any. Few such lapsed loves can be restored.

     Novelist E. William Brown has something pithy to say about contemporary female tendencies. Here, his sorcerer-protagonist Daniel Black is contemplating whether he’s willing to join a coven, which would require him to take magically binding promises of fidelity to four female witches:

     Learning more about the traditional methods witches used to make covens work hadn’t done much to set my mind at ease. Back home it would be just about impossible to find five people who could maintain that kind of relationship for long. Inevitably attention wouldn’t be shared equally, someone would get their feelings hurt, and things would go rapidly downhill from there. Especially considering how poisonous modern relationship advice is. Teaching men to subserviently kowtow to a woman’s every whim, while the women are taught to harshly scrutinize their partners for any possible fault, is not a recipe for happy relationships.

     It can’t be put any more succinctly than that – and it’s a great part of the reason millions of men have turned against marriage as a life goal. Add women’s unashamed use of sexual access as a carrot / stick to bludgeon men into submission, and you have a major contributor to the failure of Western societies to breed at replacement rate or better.


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  1. Add in the fact that women initiate divorce in 75% of the cases, and that women win custody of the kids 90% of the time, all while taking half the man’s income. Young men see their friends and their peers going through hell because of women. Why take the risk of ending up the same?

    • Bear Claw on July 15, 2023 at 10:47 AM

    Weak men create hard times look where we are

      • Steve on July 15, 2023 at 12:58 PM

      Weak men gave us no-fault divorce, as well as creating the welfare state, both of which were intended to make families in general and men in specific obsolete. The breakup of the family unit became the most holy sacrament. I’m not sure the standard strong men cycle is enough to resuscitate the corpse.

    • doubletrouble on July 15, 2023 at 1:51 PM

    Brings an old joke to mind:

    man: “If I give you a million dollars would you sleep with me?”

    girl: “Sure!”

    man: “Will you sleep with me for $50?”

    girl: “WHAT!!  What do you think I am!??”

    man: “We’ve already established that, now we’re just haggling about price…”

    • gl on July 15, 2023 at 2:00 PM

    Let’s review this little scenario from wife’s point of view. She got a friend to come over and stay with the kids and knowing his habits didn’t have to look far. She’s hurt, angry and what other lever does she have. She’s been home all week with 3 screaming kids under 6 all week and has meals ready when he walks in the door, clean clothes ready for work the next day and the house is clean and the bills are paid. Sits down in his easy chair immediately after dinner, has a beer and is asleep by 8. Yes, he goes to work but in his mind she doesn’t “work” like him.  She get to stay home! All day! And he works hard so he’s “entitled” to his time off with his friends! And yes he knows he’s got a week scheduled to go deer hunting in far distant state but that doesn’t count, now does it. He’s entitled because HE works hard! And yes all their friends are all having the same problem. She never get a weeks vacation all by herself. And I could go on, but won’t and the end result is he’s got his life as he wants with someone to pick up after him, cook, clean and get him a beer. In his mind he gave her Everything. Except time and a little attention except when he rolls over and asks you ready before he gets himself off and says thanks, honey and falls asleep.


      • OneGuy on July 15, 2023 at 2:27 PM

      So explain why suffering with the children is so bad that she fights for custody and denies him visitation. She should be happy to stick him with the kids since it is such a drudgery and get a job and pay child support.
      IMHO the courts should try to give joint custody in all cases and split the financial responsibility for child 50/50. The way divorce decrees are written today is not just but rather sexist and contrary to any attempt at legal equality. Any person, man or woman, should be able to get a divorce without destroying their own lives or the life of their former spouse.

    • Big Country Expat on July 15, 2023 at 2:25 PM

    Reddit is a nightmare, but I -did- find an interesting “Red Pill/Black Pill” during the first weeks of my divorce over there that shows the modern woman’s mindset, leastways as far as dating, expectations and whatnot…
    It’s a nightmare
    I still go there to see -just how bad it is-

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