The Chronicle of the DC: 20Jul23

I was alerted to this article by Wretchard at FB.
More Than a Million Americans “Missing” as US Endures a Crisis of Early Death

As you read it, it won’t take long to recognize it has been authored by concern trolls. Almost all of the alleged major contributions to early deaths of Americans are the usual propaganda items that were used to make Obamacare into law. And of course, blaming the bankrupt NRA for continued blocking of gun control “which works.”

But now they identified a whole new reason for the early deaths:

“While COVID-19 brought new attention to public health, the backlash unleashed during the pandemic has undermined trust in government and support for expansive policies to improve population health,” Bor points out.

And expect that problem to get worse. So, for our own good, expect a new round of coercion that I will sound like explicit admission of endorsement of the goal of the population reduction crowd.

“Not heeding approved authorities will wind up with your death, one way or another.”


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    • Ed Bonderenka on July 23, 2023 at 10:54 PM

    I’m ready to take a few with me.
    An example must be set.

    1. That is as it should be. Sadly it is also fine within the HQ of the enemy since it serves their religious zeal. Well, as long as it’s only their indoctrinated and the rest of us and not themselves.

      However, like so much else they presume to be under their aegis, when critical checks are mismanaged there may even be one who would be able to, as Belmont Club member No Mo Uro pointed out, “ride the bomb down like Major Kong.”

    • Evil Franklin on July 24, 2023 at 10:37 AM

    The results of the vaxx won’t be seen for ten to twenty years. Oh, well know that it’s the vaxx in less than ten years. We will be promised a cure for the vaxx that will be delivered only to find out it’s worse.

    The question is: When will action by the general populace begin.

    Evil Franklin

    • gl on July 24, 2023 at 12:10 PM

    Thalidomide came on the market in 1956 as an over the counter pill to control morning sickness. Sixty+ years later it serves as a warning about “safe” drugs. But people couldn’t get this covid shot fast enough. Me, I was having babies during the scare about the Thalidomide babies. Hate needles, rarely have any shots and never have any that are offered. Friends in Fl had every shot and both had covid multiple times. Same with daughter. Every week some teen, twenty and thirty year olds are dropping dead in numbers that are staggering.

    • Brian_E on July 25, 2023 at 1:47 PM

    “Not heeding approved authorities will wind up with your death, one way or another.”An important point to consider is that heeding ‘approved’ authorities will ALSO wind up with your death – and if past is prologue, and an accelerated rate.

    1. When I wrote that line by inference I recognized the catch-22 nature of the situation*. I am very happy to see someone making a point of it. Thank you.

      *— edited to add, or perhaps it’s a Hobson’s Choice. Either way, all options puts us at the mercy of the DC, which is no mercy at all.

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