What a load of hogwash

Yet another idiotic article proclaiming that eating meat is global warming climate cooling change. This really is a religious cult.

University of Oxford experts say eating just 100g of meat per day – less than a single burger – creates four times more greenhouse gases compared with a vegan diet.

And this is where I say that these “experts” are full of bullshit, and have never once stepped foot onto a farm in their lives, much less understand what it takes to produce said vegan diet.

Ladies and Gentlemen, in order to produce vegan food, you need to farm incredible amounts of land. You have to first spray it to kill the native plants, so you’re applying lots and lots of herbicide. Then you have to fertilize it, so now you’re dumping more chemicals on the soil. Lots of phosphates. The run-off from that does amazing things to the local water sources. While your food crop is growing, you’re dumping more herbicide on the farm, but these are typically targeted at certain weeds. And during harvest, while the combines are chopping and slicing the “vegan” grains and crops, you’re slaughtering thousands of animals who have made a home in your fields.

Yeah. Read that again. You want to see what a slaughterhouse looks like, go check out the combines after they’ve harvested a wheat field. Careful you don’t get too close, because those wheat fields are typically sprayed with Roundup a couple days prior to the harvest so that the combines aren’t harvesting weeds with the wheat. Oh, you didn’t know that the farms doused their wheat with Glyphosate? It’s a common enough practice that people who actually study health and the human body are saying that when people have a “gluten allergy” what they’re actually allergic to is the massive amount of weed killer found on the wheat harvest. This is different from Ciliac disease.

So you’re dumping herbicide, fertilizer, more herbicide, and then killing all manner of animals in order to get your “vegan” diet. Gosh, that’s so earth friendly! And after you’ve essentially raped the soil in order to grow your vegan food, and the soil can’t produce anything else, would you like to know the best way to restore that soil?

You let it go fallow. And then you put ruminant animals on it. COWS. YOU LET COWS GRAZE ON IT TO RESTORE IT.

At the bottom of this so-called article is a blurb extolling the virtues of lab grown meat. Save the planet! Grow your burger in a petri dish! Just the idiocy of praising lab-grown meat instead of real cows makes my head hurt. Did any of these so called “journalists” bother to look up the energy consumption that growing meat in a lab requires?

As opposed to turning out a cow into a pasture. And then letting nature do it’s thing.

These people are arguing, unironically, that growing meat in a lab that requires massive amounts of energy to heat, light, sterilize, and operate is somehow saving the planet but allowing a cow to eat grass for a year or two is going to destroy the planet.

Remember, folks: If X is an unknown quantity, and a spurt is a drip of water under pressure, then an “expert” is an unknown drip under pressure. This entire article is garbage, and the so-called experts who made these pronouncements are either some of the dumbest people on earth, or they’re lying to you deliberately. My money is on the latter. Act accordingly.


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    • SiG on July 25, 2023 at 3:53 PM

    The vegetarian/vegan lobby is among the most powerful in the world, primarily because it’s pushed by the sugar and grain industries.  There’s so much information available now about how wrong virtually everything published about diet is that the saying about “if you hear any advice from a government agency, do the opposite” is the best summary.  The group that puts out “My Plate” or the “Food Pyramid” dietary guidelines is completely corrupt.  The Nutrition Coalition has published reports showing that all of them have several conflicts of interest.   Is there any agency of the Fed.gov that isn’t thoroughly corrupt?
    When the “cholesterol hypothesis” was first being advanced in the ’60s, the sugar industry paid researchers to say their product was safer than fat.  Pretty much exactly backwards.  To my way of thinking, the person that accepts the bribe is as bad as the one who pays it – maybe worse.   Now they want us to eat that lab grown meat, which basically has cancer cells in it.  No thanks!
    No, that double cheeseburger with bacon and cheese isn’t going to kill you.  No “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie” isn’t true.  When people lose over a hundred pounds and get over chronic diseases by eating nothing but red meat, it makes you question every last line the FDA pushes.

  1. In essence, do you realize that you are siding with Abel and so Cain wants to kill you?

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