Yes, they really are coming for your children

This is deliberate enemy action.

Just when you think the world cannot get any wackier, Disney says, “Hold my Bud Light” and totally proves you wrong. According to a new report from Breitbart News, the Walt Disney Company has followed in the footsteps of what was once the most popular beer brand in the world by creating a partnership with a crossdressing TikTok influencer to help promote apparel for girls, specifically Minnie Mouse-themed clothing featuring a red dress, yellow pumps, and a red hair bow.

Yes, there’s video at the link. And yes, it’s as creepy as you can imagine.

Remember the phrase “What happens in my bedroom is none of your business”? I honestly ascribed to that philosophy. Hey, your life is your life, and if you want to be a freak in your house you can go for it. But allowing that caused the movement to push out from their bedrooms and into your living room. This mentally ill man is not content to live and let live, he is deliberately targeting CHILDREN. YOUR CHILDREN.

That’s grooming. I don’t give a damn what fancy name you want to call it, that is grooming and it is a deliberate action on the part of Disney.

If I had young children in the home, I wouldn’t let them watch Disney for all the money in the world. Disney has proven that they are not some wholesome content creator like they were decades ago. They are wholly involved in the grooming and sexualizing of children. The Cinderella of yesteryear wouldn’t get made by Disney today, nor would any of the films that I and probably many of you enjoyed as a child. Today it is all about sex, and perversion, and grooming kids to think that perversion is normal. Hell, Disney executives have been caught admitting that they’re pushing that agenda. They really do hate you and think that you’re stupid.

Act accordingly.