August Miscellany

This information was an eye-opener. The money sent by illegal immigrants to various countries is probably more important for countries other than Mexico. And, the countries’ political leadership is being propped up by the ca$h.

The Senatorial and Congressional Collaborators speak with one voice: For our corrupt partnership‘s sake, don’t impeach Biden!

Oh, imagine that! The Burisma lobbyists and the Ukranian prosecutors were linked.

The Trump prosecutions are an assault on Constitutionally guaranteed rights. No $hit, Sherlock!

The Evil Dictator Putin is giving HIS political enemy a lighter sentence than The Left wants to give Trump.

The Elite Effort to eliminate the unwanted American male is proceeding apace, ably assisted by AI technology, which produces Women Too Hot to be Real.

AI – Doing the Work American Women Won’t Do

It amounts to a way of occupying men, while making actual women unnecessary. It’s all about reducing the numbers of actual citizens, and completing The Great Replacement.

I agree that it’s way past time for the USA to stop China – AND other countries’ nationals – from buying our real estate. Putting limits on foreign citizens/businesses land investment is a practice that is common among industrialized countries.

Are you feeling like someone is watching you? You may be right.

More planned intrusions by the Nanny State – all of which will impinge on YOUR freedoms, not The Entitled Elite.

Can you stand to hear more about Anthony Fauci’s abuses of his “authority”? Here they are!

Newer, Better, Stronger Censorship (is it made with Brawndo?) – courtesy of your Benevolent Overlords! But, don’t fret! You probably won’t even be aware that it’s happening!

There’s more out there, but I have a life to live.


    • gl on August 9, 2023 at 1:55 PM

    When I worked for real estate lawyer in Il in 1he late 1970’s which was then an abstract state. It might be a title state now. Moved a long time ago. A very old, 1800’s, law was passed that no foreign person could buy and own farm land without becoming an American citizen within 7 years after purchase. If you didn’t then the state took the land after 7 years. They realized back then the value of their farm land and did not want it falling into non-American hands. In 1975 that law still stood and have no idea if it’s been tested or revoked. I’m guessing corporations would not be allowed to purchase under this law. Probably need to pass this in all of our 50 states.

  1. Hey! Brawndo has electrolytes!

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