The Chronicle of the DC: 19Aug23 Maui 2

Goal of the Progs: seat in authority ideologues who care not one whit about preserving human lives. Useful idiots will get added support when they are fully aware of what they are empowered to do: commit mass murder by appearing to be inept while being perfectly protected from criminal charges.

Hawaii official concerned with ‘equity’ delayed releasing water for more than 5 hours as wildfires raged: report

Rest assured, that if he is more than just a useful idiot, he has no conscience about what he did. Sustainability belief provides him with the “morals” that human life is the one thing the planet has too much of.

Please note: “Kaleo Manuel, former deputy director of the Hawaii Commission on Water Resource Management was a former Obama Foundation Leader who said water was an important tool of social justice.” So, consider this creep as a case example of the product of social justice education that Fran wrote about earlier today.