WHY Trump is Being Charged with Conspiracy in GA

I’ve posted on the Trump indictment before. One charge, in particular, made very little sense.

It’s the first charge in the indictment – Violation of the GA RICO Act. The government seems to be simultaneously insisting that Trump is a ‘Lone Wolf’, whose actions are off the cuff and, for that reason, both unpredictable and highly dangerous. Not a cool-headed mob boss.

So, why RICO?

Money. RICO enables the government to take ALL of his money, business, and property, without a trial verdict of guilty. It’s asset forfeiture, a practice that forces the person so targeted to – separately – PROVE that the wealth wasn’t illegally gained.

The above link is to The Burning Platform, where many of the usual methods government uses to grab ordinary citizens’ money and possessions is detailed. RICO is just one of those methods.

Now, Trump has money in many places. Likely, the government cannot completely tied up his assets. However, under the guise of RICO, they can install “asset managers” who can veto spending his money for discretionary activities, such as campaigning, criminal defense, and support of his social media site, Truth Social.

That whole process is not meant to do much more than provide a minor aggravation to Trump; what it IS designed to do is to send a message to people with assets.

Back off, or you will be next.

It’s intended to financially cripple the opposition.

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  1. And We are the ultimate opposition.


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