Another politician learns his lesson too late

“I made a mistake; it was a big mistake, and you have to acknowledge your mistake,” Canepa confessed. “By doing this, what we’ve done is we’re letting people take thousands and thousands of dollars. And why should people be subjugated?”

Canepa acknowledged that the only way to combat the problem is to hold criminals responsible by adjusting state law. 

Decades ago I was reading an essay written by a Democrat politician who served in the 80’s, in the Reagan era. This Democrat was one of the leading voices in doing away with the insane asylums and other mental health institutions that we used to have. “Nobody should have their freedom taken away!” Blah blah blah, ignore the screaming lunatic on the streetcorner shitting on the sidewalk, he should be free to do so because otherwise we’re no better than Hitler and stuff.

They wrote the bill doing away with the mental institutions in America. Reagan signed it.

And then, about five years later in the early 90’s, this Democrat’s son was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Despite the help that was available, his son spiraled down, down, down. Not taking his meds. Doing drugs to cope with the voices in his head. Becoming homeless, sleeping on the street.

And the Democrat tried to find any help for his son. What father would do different? And what he found was that all the various institutions that had existed to help people like this Democrat’s son, people with mental illnesses, had been done away with. Legislatively erased from the health care infrastructure. Wiped away by this Democrat, and every other person who voted for his legislation.

We couldn’t rebuild the mental institutions in this country. There isn’t the willpower. There isn’t any politician willing to step up and admit the blunt truth.

I’m willing to bet that there isn’t any political will to redo California’s criminal code, holding criminals accountable, and making it once again a felony to steal from the law-abiding. Once again making it a felony to have thousands of dollars of drugs on your person.

This person learned their lesson too late. The rest of the state will not learn anything, because they refuse to learn anything. They will simply pick up and move to where YOU live and attempt to recreate what they did in the shithole they just left.

Act accordingly.

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    • Mad Celt on August 31, 2023 at 5:26 PM

    Already being done in Geogia. We are being flooded with people from California, the Northwest, New Jersey and New York who are electing far left politicians like Stacy Abrams, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff. If it’s a Republican it’s Brian Kemp or Brad Raffensperger. They are trying to establish what they left in these new localities. I am a cattlemen and the mountain county is being transformed by these intruders complaining about the smell as they build homes all around me.

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