Percentages And Concentrations

     There have been several posts by other bloggers that address what happens to a society when Muslims reach various percentages of the population. History confirms the dangers such accumulations of Muslims present to a previously free and peaceful society. Moreover, Muslims’ reproduction rate far exceeds that of Western non-Muslim whites, which puts time on their side. It’s not a pleasant prospect.

     But what is achieved gradually, over generations, by reproduction can be achieved more swiftly by concentration. We have examples of that in various European nations, which are afflicted by Muslim-heavy districts deemed “no-go zones” for non-Muslims…including armed police. Muslim-heavy districts are slowly multiplying in this country as well. Hamtramck, Michigan may well become one.

     Concentration has been a method by which immigrant communities have preserved elements of their cultural practices from “the old country.” In New York City the Italians have a “little Italy,” and the Chinese have “Chinatown.” Out here on Long Island, there are recognized Polish and Portuguese ethnic enclaves. Historically, that sort of community hasn’t been a problem for American law enforcement.

     But another sort of concentration is making headlines – embarrassing headlines for the Left-inclined media, which can’t quite conceal what’s happening in the afflicted regions.

     Herewith, a few links:

     Those things took place in areas with a high concentration of one of America’s minority groups. I don’t have to tell you which one, do I? In such places, visibly being not a member of said minority marks you as a candidate-victim. Yes, attacks on members of the minority group occur as well – consider Chicago and Baltimore – but the hostility of those places to whites and Asians is beyond dispute.

     Blacks are only 13% of the population of the United States. Yet in those places where they’ve concentrated, there’s practically no law other than the law of the jungle. Violence and theft are rampant. The police largely stand aside, owing to the social and political realities in such places. Whites and Asians must tread very carefully…and often even that isn’t enough.

     Concentration is the key.

     The cities were at one time the centers of American industry and culture. People flocked to them for the opportunities on offer there. Immigrants, too. Though it might seem incredible today, Detroit Michigan, known today for poverty, crime, decay, and almost nothing else, was considered one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. It was called “the City of Cathedrals,” and justly so. The influx of blacks to Detroit steadily eroded its distinctions. Today it’s America’s chief hellhole.

     Chicago was once a place of similar repute: a major center for Fortune 1000 corporations, for cultural institutions, and for gracious living. Today’s Chicago is virtually unsurvivable. Marvel at its black mayor, straining all credulity to claim that car thefts are the fault of car manufacturers,

     The concentration of a non-law-abiding minority to a level that effectively nullifies the law has given us such places and the phenomena that attend them. Add the claims from the political class and the media that “American blacks are oppressed” and “systemic racism is everywhere,” and you have a recipe for urban disaster.

     Under current political, legal, and social conditions, there’s no help for it. However, you individually can stay clear of it simply by avoiding black-concentration zones. If you have a family, it’s morally imperative that you stay out of the cities – essentially all of the ones over half a million in population – regardless of any inducements or incentives to remain.

     But apparently, that’s racist too:

     Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is appointing a group of “leading experts” to advise him on “transportation equity,” including several who argue that cars cause climate change and promote racism and therefore should be phased out.
     Buttigieg earlier this month appointed 24 new members to his Advisory Committee on Transportation Equity, an Obama-era body that Buttigieg is reviving after the Trump administration scrapped it. Included on the committee is Andrea Marpillero-Colomina, a “spatial policy scholar” who says “ALL CARS ARE BAD” given that they cause “a myriad of environmental issues and conditions.” Another Buttigieg appointee, self-described “transportation nerd” Veronica Davis, argued in an August essay that cars perpetuate “systemic racism” and are therefore “the problem” in America’s transportation system.
     Buttigieg’s appointments—and his decision to revive the equity advisory committee—reflect the Biden administration’s whole-of-government emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion. President Joe Biden shortly after taking office in 2021 issued an executive order that called on federal agencies to “pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all.” Under the order, agency heads must conduct an “equity assessment” to identify policies that create “systemic barriers” in minority communities.

     The privately owned automobile is what makes life outside the cities pleasant. Without it, people must depend on “public transportation,” which is relatively convenient in cities but essentially unworkable outside them. The agenda of the Left is to cram us all into cities, as tightly as possible to maximize “efficiency:” their efficiency in limiting and controlling us. (Cf. “15-minute cities”) And of course, under urban conditions, predators of all sorts, not merely the political kind, will thrive best: “We know from historical data that predators of all sorts will concentrate where the prey is fattest.”

     Ol’ Remus’s advice has never been more imperative:

Stay Away From Crowds.

     Crowds have always been ominous. Crowds today are reliable harbingers of danger. Crowds high in blacks are the most dangerous sort of crowd. Cities produce such crowds reliably.

     The rest is for you to ponder and evaluate.


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    • OneGuy on September 2, 2023 at 9:39 AM

    Police put themselves in front of your car as a setup which justifies deadly force.  No police procedures or training should have a policeman standing in front of a running car with a suspect at the wheel.  They do this exactly so that they can use deadly force and claim self defense.  Not excusing the fools who do accelerate their car into a policeman but common sense tells you don’t stand in front of a running car with a questionable driver at the wheel.  What officer two should have done was to get into his police car and pull it in front of the suspects car.  That would have saved a life.

    • jwm on September 2, 2023 at 11:36 AM

    Here is a thought that has been recurring to me lately.

    I wonder about the correlation  between the demographics of  various voting precincts, and the blatant  fraud  that fortified the election of the current occupant in the Whitehouse.  Got a  guess the most of them have an MLK blvd. at their center. I’m considering  how certain very blue areas  pretty much let their feral attack dogs loose to wreak murder, destruction, and havoc on their own cities. These attack dogs will be deployed again, if the 2024 “election” doesn’t achieve its already determined result. This time they won’t be constrained to their home turf.



    • Drumwaster on September 2, 2023 at 11:47 AM

    In small towns as well as large, good people outnumber bad people by 100 to 1. In big towns the 100 are nervous. But in small towns, it’s the one. — Paul Harvey

    • To Another on September 2, 2023 at 12:14 PM

    I concur.

    • OneGuy on September 2, 2023 at 3:36 PM

    The problem is not the “100 to 1”.  The problem is the Democrat leadership, DAs and juries.  If you try to stop the bad guys they will put you in jail.

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