The Panic Pornography is ramping up again

The Government and their proxies are trying to get you to forget every lie they told when they shut down the country over a virus that Anthony Fauci paid to produce in a lab in Wuhan, China.

Oh yes he did. Don’t you think for one second that he didn’t pay for the Kung Flu. That money went from the NIH, which Fauci was in charge of, to the EcoHealth Alliance, to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Fauci paid for the Kung Flu to be made.

And then there’s the lies about the jab. “Safe and effective!” Two lies in three words.

COVID-19 cases among vaccinated seniors soared in 2021, according to newly disclosed data that was acquired by U.S. health agencies but not presented to the public.

Humetrix Cloud Services was contracted by the U.S. military to analyze vaccine data. The company performed a fresh analysis as authorities considered in 2021 whether COVID-19 vaccine boosters were necessary amid studies finding waning vaccine effectiveness.

Humetrix researchers found that the proportion of total COVID-19 cases among the seniors was increasingly comprised of vaccinated people, according to the newly disclosed documents.

Not only did the jab not stop a damn thing, but you’re going to see more and more people dying from “suddenly” or “coincidence” as the years go on. That’s on top of the increased rates of cancer, since in many people the jab shuts down the immune system’s ability to fight of the cancerous cells.

And in case you had not seen the data, and many people haven’t because the people in charge don’t want the data out there, six out of ten people who got the mRNA jab cannot produce an antibody to the N protein of the Kung Flu. That would be the nucleocapsid protein, i.e. the part of the virus that mutates the least. All these poor people can do is produce antibodies to the spike protein, which is the part of the virus that mutates the fastest. So what does that mean, short version? If you got the jab, you are MORE likely to come down with a new version of the Kung Flu. You’re immuno-compromised now. Oh, and don’t think that people didn’t know that would happen. The people making this clot shot and pushing this clot shot knew all about Antibody Dependent Enhancement. They knew about it years ago. Decades ago. THEY FUCKING KNEW.

Every promise made by the government and big pharma was a lie. Every. Single. One. Not a mistake, not an innocent little white lie, a blatant, in your face lie so gross and egregious that it should mandate public punishment on the spot. If there was any justice in this world that Little Fucking Fascist Fauci would be hanging from a lamp-post, along with every single government official who pushed the jab, mandated the jab, and gave the pharma companies complete freedom from liability for the harm caused by their toxic clot shots. And yes, I know that would require a lot of lamp posts. We could spread them out across the country, multiple cities, and leave their bodies hanging as a warning to the next crop of fascists.

But, that didn’t happen did it? No matter how much they deserved it, no matter how much it would have improved the country, people were never held to account for what they did.

Which leads us to today, and the ramping up of the panic pornography.

The jab doesn’t stop the Kung Flu. At best, masks do nothing. At worst, they lower your O2 saturation levels and have you breathing in massive amounts of bacteria and germs that collect on the mask throughout the day, leading to infection in your respiratory system. You know, the system that the Kung Flu likes to attack, especially if you’re in a weakened state?

The lockdowns didn’t stop the virus. They only destroyed the economy and allowed the Democrats to commit voter fraud in 2020. I think we can all agree that act was their real function, which is why they’re trying to drag out the same playbook for 2024.

Stop. Listening. To. These. Fascist. Pricks. Tell them “No”. If they won’t listen, tell them again. And when they start to get forceful in their demands, you have to be forceful right back. No means no. Never fucking again.

Or, you can be a quivering lump of goo and live like a slave on your knees, begging your government slave-owners to let you have your permissions back. Your all. Me, I prefer dying on my feet than living on my knees. Your call.


    • jwm on September 5, 2023 at 1:22 PM

    I cannot recall exactly where I read this. I spend a lot of time on-line. But one of the first things I read when the they first released the covid on us, was that drug companies had tried many times to create a vaccine against corona virus. All the attempts failed, and the vaccines ended up ruining the immune systems in the vaccinated, and often killed them outright. So when I heard that they had suddenly created a corona virus vaccine  at “warp speed” and would soon release it to the public. I said, hell no. My wife, and many friends took it. Brother-in-law: Dead. Sister-in-law: dead. Our friend Chis the framer: dead. Three people I knew on a first name basis in the cycling scene: dead. I pray for my wife.
     I came down with the New! Improved! covid bug in August. I got it from a guy who was vaxxed and masked. I was horribly ill with it. The docs gave me the new anti-covid drug cocktail, paxlovid. That gave me a break from the fever, but two or three days later I ended up with a 911 call, so sick and delirious I was hallucinating, and could barely walk. I learned later that paxlovid had problems with causing a “rebound” of the bug shortly after giving some relief. thanks. I have huge gaps in my memory over a period of several days after taking the pax. Luckily, I had some IVM. I had tried prior to getting ill, to re-stock, but California had forbidden sales, or shipping of IVM. Amazon would no longer sell it. Tractor Supply wouldn’t sell it. My supply was low. Kaiser refused to give it to me, even though the FDA had quietly stopped prohibiting its use. Luckily, I borrowed some from some friends. My symptoms were pretty much confined to a very bad fever. I had no loss of taste/smell, no headache or cough. The guy I got it from had the whole range of symptoms. Despite the paxlovid, I believe the IVM saved my life. It was a month ago today that I was exposed. My energy level is still very low. My stamina is shot. But I’m an old buzzard, the same age as our host, Fran. Six years ago, the flu hit me harder than the covid bug, and it took several months to get back to normal. I’m hoping this will be the case again. For now, I’m not ill, but I’m not better either.
    I’ve gone on long here. I’ll close with this: Every covid death is a murder. Every sickness an attempted murder. The people who did this to us will not see justice in this life. Vengeance belongs to God.

      • Evil Franklin on September 6, 2023 at 9:21 AM

      71. Two years ago my wife and I came down with something at the beginning of August. Both of us had been fortunate in that we hadn’t been sick except, perhaps, for mild colds, for many years. Neither of us were vaxxed. However, my wife had suffered a major stroke in ’17. She had been a smoker. She died on the thirteenth of August of ’21. Her death certificate showed a respiratory problem as the primary cause and Covid, of course, as the secondary. Had I known about IVM at the time, and had access, perhaps I could have saved her, perhaps not.
      I attribute her demise to her stroke and the medications she had been taking for that and pain due to multiple hip surgeries.
      We did not take the vaxx and I will not take the vaxx because I believe the medical and pharmaceutical industries have proven that they are both incompetent and cannot be trusted. I’m convinced that she did not die of Covid and it was only added to her death certificate to gain the money involved.
      Unfortunately, my children and grandchildren have been vaxxed. I can only pray that they will live a long and fruitful life.

      Evil Franklin

    • Scott on September 5, 2023 at 8:01 PM

    The same jesters will do the same damn dance again and belittle anyone else who does not. THIS TIME AROUND I WILL BELITTLE THEM AND GO AS FAR AS THEY WANT TO GO AND THEN I WILL GO ONE STEP MORE SO THEY, THEM AND ALL THE UPSAYERS CAN FUCK OFF AS LAST TIME 
    As we say in the south
    God Bless there heart !!!! 

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