The Chronicle of The DC, 7Sep23: Murder On The Sly

The Death of Informed Consent contains the following not uncommon report:

“You’d tell the nurse that you didn’t want Remdesivir and she’d say, ‘Fine. But you’re a bit dehydrated, so let’s get some fluids in you.’ And she’d hook up the IV, but it wasn’t fluids. It was Remdesivir.”

Read on. The report shows that a hospital would receive a huge financial reward for initiating this notoriously fatal process by whatever means employable.

But who or what provided them such motive and why? The answer can be found in the title of this series. Only the names of those running the program remain hidden for now.


    • jwm on September 7, 2023 at 3:24 PM

    I’ve posted about this here before. I was exposed to the bug Aug 5th. By the seventh, or eighth I was coming down with covid.  I immediately started the ivermectin/ D3/ zinc, but the high (101-103)  fever persisted. I’ll note that the fever and fatigue were the only symptoms. I saw a doc at Kaiser several days later, I was given paxlovid, a two-drug cocktail. The fever broke shortly after the pax, but before the five-day regimen was over the illness rebounded with a ferocity that ended up with a 911 call. What is chilling, after reading the article was that one of the first things they did in the ER was hit me up with morphine. I don’t remember much of anything from then on, but my wife told me they sent me home that same day. I have huge gaps in my memory for a period of many days. My wife told me things I said and did that I have no memory of at all. 
    It has been about a month since I came down ill, and my stamina, and energy level are both still in the toilet.
    I do not doubt for a second that the New! Improved! covid strain is a deliberate release. It was done on purpose, and meant to reinstate the totalitarian nightmare that has engulfed our nation, and the West as a whole. Every covid death is a murder. Every sickness an attempted murder. Every word from the media is an attempt to cover for the murderers. They are all equally guilty. None will see justice in this life, or in this world. Vengeance belongs to The Lord.

    1. I can see why this article chilled you.

      The things they could have done to you while you were drugged has become a real worry.

      Here too we can logically back out yet another aim of the Death Culters: that we should distrust the very people whom we formerly trusted to use their skills to heal us.

      Fran Porretto informed us of the trend from a high-trust society at least a couple of times in the past.


      The enemy of our epoch firmly believes that human life is the single most overabundant quantity on the planet. I expect from them no mercy. So pick your friends wisely and keep them close.

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