Vacation over

And how to spot a passive-aggressive soy-boy bitch.

As to the vacation, well…. it was awesome. I did a total of about 3,500 miles, hitting up the Tour of Honor sites in Idaho and Oregon. I had to change my rear tire in Boise. I needed to replace my battery in Brookings, OR. I got to meet a reader of the blog, who had emailed me and lived in the general area I was going to ride through. We had a good breakfast and chatted for a bit as my tire was being changed. And since my travels took me down the Pacific Coast Highway, I went a little further and rode through Redwoods National Park. It was a great trip, and I’m looking forward to next year.

Now, how to spot a passive-aggressive soy-boy bitch. Well, when I left, I put up a post that said “Hey, I’ll be gone”. The soy-boy posted his comment there, so that’s clue number one. The second clue is that his sniveling little screed is a non-sequitur about how Idaho gets a bunch federal dollars. He links to a news article for some reason. That didn’t help whatever argument he was trying to make.

So here’s a clue for the passive-aggressive little soy boy bitch: The Federal Government claims more than 65% of all land in Idaho. When the Feds manage to get their claws out of Idaho, then Idaho will take over the maintenance of that property. We could do a far better job of managing that land than the clueless eco-freak snotbubbles that are running it from D.C. But as long as it’s claimed by the Feds, then they damn well better pay for the maintenance of it. Oh gosh, federal dollars are funding an ACTIVE DUTY MILITARY BASE in Idaho? Wow. I wonder who the soy-boy bitch thinks should be paying for that?

Oh, and the story that he linked to? It points out that more than half of the federal aid that Idaho receives goes to Medicaid. Now, for those who don’t yet know, once you start getting Social Security you’re forced onto Medicare part A and B, typically at age 65. If you don’t enroll, you don’t get your SS check. There are a few things that can push that enrollment off, but eventually you’re on Medicare whether you want to be or not.

So the majority of these federal dollars is going to fund a program that the federal government has made mandatory in order for you to get the money you paid in to Social Security. If the feds force you into something, then fuck yes they should be paying for it. How about the feds stop meddling in people’s lives? Could we try that again at some point? And then we wouldn’t need the feds or their Medicare dollars. But facts and inconvenient information don’t have any place in a passive-aggressive little soy-boy bitch’s life. It’s so much easier to hop onto someone else’s blog and vomit out a snarky little comment that he heard from someone else. And you know he’s just regurgitating crap. If he used logic and reason, he never would have left that comment.

And so in conclusion, we have a sighting of a passive-aggressive soy-boy bitch. I would say “in the wild”, but little bitches like that rarely live anywhere they can’t get their half-caf macchiato and avocado toast. Put them anywhere around a dirt road or states with Constitutional Carry and they tend to wet themselves. I don’t quite know what point the soy-boy bitch was trying to make, but he failed in every aspect.

Bah. I think the next time he posts I’ll just do a little creative editing to his comment. I don’t have the time or the patience to deal with soybois these days.


    • Donna on September 23, 2023 at 11:09 AM

    Glad you made it to Idaho. Beautiful place. Sorry I wasn’t there to meet up with you. Would have been interesting.
    Writing a memoir.

    • Bill on September 23, 2023 at 12:17 PM

    Hey brother, I was happy to hear you safely made it home, with no other issues after the tire replacement.  Thanks for joining me for breakfast.  If you’re ever down here in the Treasure Valley again, shoot me a text.

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