Assuming the title of “Good Communist”

Diane Feinstein assumes ambient temperature.

Do you find that to be harsh? Calling her a “Good Communist”, as in one who is no longer stealing precious oxygen from the productive members of society?

Can anyone point to one thing that Feinstein did that helped improve this country? Or did she sit in the Senate voting for constitution-destroying bill after constitution destroying bill over and over and over? You and I both know the answer to that question. She latched on to D.C. in 1992 like a tick, and she was going to finally “retire” after this term. This term of her being a feeble sock-puppet who’s aides bluntly told her ON A HOT MIC to just say “aye” on a vote because she didn’t remember what the hell was going on.

Every family destroying measure that the FedGov has passed in the last three decades had her seal of approval on it.

Every liberty-destroying bill in the last three decades had her stamp of approval on it.

Every bit of legislation that limited freedom and increased the state had her yes vote for three long decades.

I can ask God to have mercy on her soul, but I’m pretty sure at this moment she’s nowhere near God. Not even close. I could be wrong on that. I was told by a very smart man that if we make it to heaven, we’re probably going to be shocked at who else is there.

But her track record doesn’t look like a good fit.

And since Governor Hairgel of California gets to replace her, you can rest assured that no matter how contemptable Feinstein was, her replacement is going to be even worse.


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    • Drumwaster on September 29, 2023 at 3:44 PM

    “Can anyone point to one thing that Feinstein did that helped improve this country?”
    Stopped breathing?

  1. Well, OK, yeah, that.

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