Sharp Questions Dept.

     The right question to the right person at the right time can puncture a huge balloon of hypocrisy. Interestingly, a stimulus to such questions arrived only a few minutes ago.

     The stimulus is a campaign fundraising email from Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida. Here is what I hold to be the critical portion:

     It seems Republican Leadership only does the right thing when they have a political gun to their head.
     There’s been NO vote on Term Limits, NO vote on a balanced budget, NO plan to have individual appropriations bills considered, NO full release of J6 tapes, and NO spending cut to raise the Debt Limit.
     They even promised there would be an impeachment against Secretary Mayorkas and that they would subpoena Hunter Biden and members of the Biden Crime Family.
     Trump has been charged with 91 counts. Yet, we haven’t even subpoenaed Hunter Biden – or any Biden for that matter.
     It was only when House conservatives put massive pressure on Republican Leadership to Impeach Biden that they even made any effort.
     And even then, they continue to drag their feet.

     Perhaps you’ve received the same email. Rather than ask you what question or questions have occurred to you, I’ll simply give you mine:

  1. Concerning term limits, a balanced budget, individual appropriations bills, and the rest: have you submitted any bills on these subjects for Congress’s consideration? If so, in which session of Congress did you submit them?
  2. Inasmuch as a few years ago, the GOP did have majorities in both Houses of Congress and a Republican President, why were there no votes on those subjects at that time?
  3. Who in Congress has the authority to issue subpoenas?
  4. What are you personally doing to change the House leadership or its attitude?

     What would you say, Gentle Reader, are the odds of getting straight, completely non-evasive, entirely on-topic answers to those questions, whether from Congressman Gaetz or from any other sitting Republican legislator?

     Don’t be fooled into sending these…people your hard-earned money. There is no hope for the Republic in the “Republican” Party. It’s a sham. There is only one party: the Establishment Party. All else is pabulum for the credulous.

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    • OneGuy on October 1, 2023 at 4:48 PM

    The odds are overwhelming against getting an honest answer from 99% of congress but overwhelmingly in favor of that from Congressman Gaetz.  Our politicians are screwing us and picking our pocket.  Congressman Gaetz is at least trying to change that for the better.

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