Just a reminder: Nobody likes the Palestinians

Egypt, which shares a border with Gaza, is smartly refusing to allow any of those sub-human barbarians across their shared border.

Don’t be fooled by the news agencies or by whatever platitudes other mooslim nations might utter. Not a single raghead nation wants to bring in the Palestinians, and they never have.

Egypt has discussed plans with the United States and others to provide humanitarian aid through its border with Gaza Strip but rejects any move to set up safe corridors for refugees fleeing the enclave, Egyptian security sources said on Wednesday.

Gaza, a tiny coastal strip of land wedged between Israel in the north and east and Egypt to the southwest, is home to some 2.3 million people who have been living under a blockade since Palestinian Islamist group Hamas took control there in 2007.

Egypt has long restricted the flow of Gazans on to its territory, even during the fiercest conflicts.

Every other splodydope understands that allowing millions of radical muslim barbarians into your country would be like injecting cancer cells into your bloodstream. These people have been radicalized and used by other jihadi savages to attack the Jews, but they’ll turn around and attack other splodydopes at a moment’s notice. They’ll happily blow up some Egyptian family for not worshipping the same way as Hamas does because they’ve had decades of hatred and bloodlust trained into them BY THE OTHER RAGHEADS. They’re like a dog that’s been beaten and trained to attack anything that moves. No other raghead country is going to allow them in. No other raghead country is going to bring them anywhere near their own cities and towns. Oh, they’ll toss money at them because they kill Jews, but they won’t lift a finger to save them. Because they don’t want to. Sometimes, dogs just have to be put down.

It should be apparent that a group of people who murder women, children and grandparents, backed by more of the same people who dance in celebration at their murders, are unfit for human civilization. And even the other towelheads know it.


    • jwm on October 13, 2023 at 4:38 PM

    I’ve been wondering if they weren’t goaded into this attack by other Arabs, who knew full well what the end result would be: the complete, or near complete destruction of the palestinians. For the Arabs it’s a twofer: do hideous damage to the Israelis, and eliminate a thorn in their side at the same time. From what I’ve understood no one in the region wants these clowns, and getting rid of them would serve them all well.

  1. Only just yesterday I learned that Hamas, in Hebrew, translates as violence.

    Anyone naive enough to believe it is accidental that:

    a) its founders chose that word, and 

    b) it’s something corporate media simply forgot to inform the world?

    Time and again there must be little doubt in one’s mind that however monstrous are the perps we see, the ones throughout the West that call themselves Progressive have been the same ones who have fomented, fostered and protected such maniacs. And they intend far worse than what we’ve witnessed.

    At this point, the only ones who would label Prog Death Cult behavior as sneaky are those who were too stupid, embarrassed or cowardly to “see” it — or are and have been one of them and now fear retaliation.

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